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A Call to Own Your Genius

A Call to Own Your Genius

When the pandemic hit in March 2020, the plane rides stopped, the networking meetings stopped, and I suddenly found myself with way more time on my hands. As I tried to make sense of how the world was unfolding around me, I say quietly in question to the Universe. What am I meant to do at this time? I heard two answers. First… take care of me. Second: own my genius and serve. The message I heard was… your community needs you now. Don’t hide.

And so I did that… first making space for self-care. Luckily I was already enrolled in an Ayurvedic program with a group of amazing women, and even the slower pace of life that I suddenly experienced, all felt like I had that in hand.

As I reached out to my community, I felt a different story. We had moms with kids suddenly at home full time – becoming business owners, teachers, moms all at the same time; we had single women alone in their homes and feeling the loneliness, we had women in relationships – all with a different experience of what a shut down felt like… looked like. We all wondered, what did this mean for our businesses? What did this mean for our families? What did this mean for our country and our world?

Given the turmoil of emotions, I decided to launch a Marco Polo (a virtual video texting app) room for our circle of women as an added support system. We we showed up for each other – the hard moments, the good moments, the inspirational moments. I believe the Pandemic was a catalyst for us to slow down, and be present to ourselves our and our families and our communities. We showed up in robes and ponytails, no makeup – it was a come as you are space, at whatever hour of the day you need it. And the sacred space we created supporting one another was leveraged extensively.

Our first rule was to feel the feels – honor them, be in them, move with them. AND as we started to find our footing in a new world, the second rule was for each person to consider how they could own their genius… and serve their own communities.

Through the fog of the early days of the pandemic, I saw each person slowly start to find meaning in their purpose and the impact they could make – in spite of the crazy factor our world had taken.

One by one they began to stand up in their truths, in their gifts and begin to show up owning their genius and serving their communities. Podcasts were launched, virtual stages (and eventually live stages again), one landed on a TedX stage with her message and another landed on the 25 Most Powerful Women in Business honor. Some served by creating their own communities; all of them showed up more in their social communities. Books were started and launched. They guested on other people’s podcasts… they got out and got visible and spread their messages!

As I was seeing the ripple effect of my clients’ work take shape this past Fall, I realized that the past 20 months had been an amazing platform for voices that matter. What they accomplished in the past 20 months is extraordinary.

This chart represents how my clients’ have raised their visibility in the past 20 months. A small group of women with messages that are creating a HUGE impact on the world. Their voices have traveled across the world in big waves, and along with that their revenue has grown significantly… during a pandemic.

I am glad I thought to capture these stats from my clients to celebrate just how frickin impactful they are. I am so proud of them and all the work they’re doing. The numbers below tell a story of a small group of women … first taking care of themselves in the early days of the pandemic … then saying, “I will not stand silently, but will do the work I am here to do.” (and the numbers below don’t even include what will happen with the ripple effect of the TedX video when it becomes live!!)

Visibility matters. Your message matters. Congratulations to my clients of the past 20 months for the amazing work you are doing. YOU my friends make our world a better place!

We’re building our 2022 mastermind community right now with a room full of new extraordinary women saying yes to their impact. If you want to be a part of this amazing community creating ripples around the world, let’s jump on a call! Are you meant to join us?

  1. The first circle of women is my Soul+Strategy Mastermind helping women #RaiseUP their voice, visibility and business. The successes my clients have had in developing their thought leadership, growing their visibility on stages, and podcasts and more is impressive. Even more impressive is how their businesses have grown. I’m so proud of the impact my clients are making with their work. To learn more about this program, visit here.
  2. The second circle of women is for my entrepreneurs who have already hit the 6-Figure-PLUS milestone – the Scale, Growth and Impact Mastermind for High Vibration Entrepreneurs. This is for you if you are ready to start taking quantum leaps in your business and your impact. It’s a different conversation with an elite and intimate group of impact makers: scalability, processes and teams. My passion for building businesses that we love is of course inherently woven into this program, as is my work grounded in voice and visibility. This mastermind program allows me to bring in soulful approaches to business, aligned with mindful strategy. I feel like it’s the evolution of all my life work getting to work intimately with a small elite group of changemakers ready to level us. There are only a couple of spots left in this mastermind, so reach out if you want to know more! Learn more here.

We’ve got an extraordinary community in works, and I have blocked my calendar with some spots early next week, to jump on a call with you to see if either of these programs is a fit for you! Schedule your informational calls here or apply on my web site here. We’ve got an extraordinary circle of women joining us already… are you meant to be in the circle of impact these women will make!

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