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Dorothy Kolb – Take Your Business To Profitable with This Single Mom of 4 Advice — Episode 228

Dorothy Kolb – Take Your Business To Profitable with This Single Mom of 4 Advice — Episode 228

Today I’m pleased to introduce you to Dorothy Kolb, a woman who knows a thing or two about how to #RaiseUP your Profit. What a perfect topic for us all, as we wrap up the year, and look into planning for 2022.

In this interview Dorothy shares:

  • Listen to how Dorothy conquered a corporate tragedy by understanding her priorities and relying on the fundamentals of her skills.
  • The domino effect of being honest and having harsh conversations regarding money that sets your kids to financial success.
  • Dorothy describes how stepping out of the corporate world allowed her to meet women that are collaborative and not competitive.
  • She shares how she ultimately discovered her calling in not only crunching the numbers but also enlightening clients with the importance of understanding the bigger financial picture beyond the numbers.
  • The ultimate four pieces of advice that you wouldn’t want to miss before closing this year and setting yourself for greater financial success for next year.

After a foundational start at Deloitte and building a 20+ year career in media finance & operations across notable companies including CBS Sports, FOX Sports, NBC & HGTV/Food Network, Dorothy Kolb launched DK East Associates to bring her world-class background to emerging businesses to help them grow to their fullest potential through outsourced CFO, accounting strategy and HR services. To date, she has helped clients increase their profitability by as much as 85% year over year and hit 7-figure revenues through innovative processes, structure, and strategy. She has overseen several horizontal industry acquisitions, making her clients major players in their industries. Dorothy understands the importance of balancing things in life! She became an entrepreneur while raising her 4 teenage sons (including twins!) as a single mom! Part strategist, part basketball coach, part founder!

“Nobody should know your business better than you.” – Dorothy Kolb

Let’s meet Dorothy Kolb. To learn more about Dorothy visit her website,  Instagram and LinkedIn.

Dorothy Kolb Show Notes

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