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The Scale, Growth & Impact Mastermind for High Vibration 6-Figure-PLUS Entrepreneurs

The Scale, Growth & Impact Mastermind for High Vibration 6-Figure-PLUS Entrepreneurs

The Platinum Program: The Six-Figure-PLUS Circle 

You will participate in a powerful year-long program led by Kami with an intimate group of six-figure-plus high vibration impact inspired entrepreneurs to scale, expand, and grow your business. As you move into the next level of your business, it is time to up-level your conversations, your community and how you are serving the world.

The Scale, Grow and Impact Mastermind will activate YOU as CEO to the next level.

You will emerge with higher visions and an embodied presence in bold leadership. You will break through new levels of revenue growth, simplifying the foundations of your business and creating prosperity of wealth and time. You will stand in radical self-care, fully supported in your deepest feminine wisdom. This program will help you:

  • Enhance your ability to receive and be fully supported in abundance – with money and team
  • Simplify your business model for scale, to better serve your clients, amplify your company’s growth to the next levels, delivering more wealth prosperity and more time prosperity to your business and life
  • Deepen your understanding of your customer journey to advance and master your unique marketing approaches to attract your soul clients
  • Elevate your role as a leader in your community, in your company and in our world and build your thought leadership presence with a change-inspired focus
  • Calibrate and #RaiseUP your energetic presence
  • Grow your community for a greater impact on the world

Included in your year-long Scale, Grow & Impact Mastermind:

  • 8 Quantum Leap Mastermind Meetings led by Kami in an intimate group of six-figure-plus high-vibration impact-driven entrepreneurs to scale, expand and grow your business
  • 2 Two-Day Business Retreats with other six-figure high-vibration, impact-driven entrepreneurs
  • 5 Private Business Growth Coaching Sessions with Kami as your strategic partner & guide to up-level your business & build your presence as a thought leader
  • Soul Speaks from the Stage 3-Day Speaker Training with Kami & Paula Friedland
  • 2-Day Equine Vision Journey Retreat
  • Option to access all training in the Soul+Strategy Mastermind to #RaiseUP the Voice, Visibility and Impact of your Business!
  • VIP Attendance to the Extraordinary Women Ignite!
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Currently enrolling for 2024. Apply online.

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Jill Keuth
Founder and CEO of Be Courageously You

“I knew that I was growing steadily, and it was time to catapult my business to where it desired to be. I surpassed my prior year 6-figure income in the first seven months, and I upleveled my sense of Self and how I serve my clients as a coach. My first high end mountain retreat sold out in just a few days. AND I’m moving into 2023 with scalable high-end offers ready to more than double what I did in 2022.

Kami puts all of her trust in you and your offerings, and then holds up guidance, mentoring, models, and strategies that if you take advantage of, and apply them to your business, you will grow. She has a softness of meeting each client where they are at and helping them build from there. I have found Kami’s heart, passion, grit, determination, and matter-of-fact “take the action, take the steps” inspiring, supportive, encouraging, and motivating. She has a confidence and strength about her that comes through her business and marketing acumen and experience. In addition, Kami has wisdom, soul, and empathy that she sources from within.”

Shelly Schell
Partner at PRISM Financial Strategies

“WOW! Where do I begin. I always believed in coaching and community connections, but Kami has brought the belief into reality for me and my business. I am truly grateful for her business expertise and process to help me create the program that I have dreamed of for years. I am leveraging social media to put my work out in the world, which has translated into more revenue and many new clients who have come to me specifically because of the work I have done with Kami.”

VonRosen Square - Viveka von Rosen (LinkedIn Expert)
“The Pivot from Million-Dollar Software Company to Lifestyle Legacy Dream Business”

“As a co-founder of a million-dollar training company and a recognized expert on LinkedIn, I found myself yearning for something more meaningful. The concept for a new business was there, but initially, it was just that—a concept. Kami’s practical advice and the supportive network she built helped transform that concept into a tangible business. Throughout the year, every meeting and mastermind event with Kami, particularly the Soul Speak sessions and Platinum Retreats, marked significant progress in my entrepreneurial path. These interactions not only led me to the ideal name for my company, Beyond the Dream Board, but also clarified my vision for client offerings. Our regular gatherings were crucial, equipping me with the necessary tools and confidence to tackle the challenges of starting a new venture. I can say with certainty that without Kami’s mastermind group, my current business success would not have been possible. Her mix of strategic business advice and personal growth support has been essential, and I’m truly thankful for her impact on my business journey.”

•	Chelle Johnson, Founder and CEO of Colorado Career Connectors and Best You Advantage, Career Strategist Helping 40+ year old women and diversity allies break through toxic work cultures
~Chelle Johnson
CEO and Founder of the Best You Career Advantage and Colorado Career Connectors
“I am playing bigger and my revenue has grown 220%!”

“Kami’s message, business expertise, and soul-inspired coaching have given me so much more clarity, confidence and courage in my business. She deeply cares about her clients and guides them to push beyond their fears to think and act bigger. I have deeper clarity in my customer journey, enabling me to fine tune my messaging and brand and better serve them with high value executive coaching services. This Fall I will be leading my first leadership pilgrimage trip on the Camino de Santiago, a long-time dream of mine! I’m taking on big stages and landing clients while doing so. My social following has grown exponentially. In addition, my Colorado Career Connectors became a non-profit this year and now has over 1300 members, providing them access to top Human Resource executives across our state.”

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