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Apply for a #RaiseUP Strategy Session with Kami

Let’s #RAISEUP Your Business!

The world of small business is changing…

Hello Beautiful! Thanks for your interest in applying for one of my #RaiseUP Strategy Sessions. Have you noticed that old paradigms are falling away?

… That of the hustle culture, pain-based marketing, one-size-fits-all formulas, and blending in with the masses echoing the same messaging over and over.

We’ve shifted and expanded into our deepest TRUTH.

There’s a new energy of expansiveness with a rapid trajectory where opportunities are ripe and bigger than ever before, for the changemakers, the rebels, the courageous.

And this is the energy that has my clients’ businesses thriving and growing exponentially. Even through a pandemic.

NOW is the time to scale your business, like never before—and share your unique genius with your community. They are awaiting you.

Will this be your moment? Will you #RaiseUp your voice, visibility, and business?

Here’s a glimpse into what we’ll do in this 45-minute strategy session:

  • Give voice to your most important message for the world to hear
  • Develop a plan to #RaiseUP your voice, visibility and business by attracting more soul clients
  • Strategize what will help you grow your business most quickly
  • Uncover what’s really keeping you from moving forward
  • Define one thing that you can do to move into action now
  • Decide if one of my mastermind programs would be beneficial to you

If you are selected, you will receive a confirmation email from me telling you about next steps to #RaiseUP Your Voice, Visibility and Business.

Until we connect, listen to your heart, follow your dreams and be you.

Much love,

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