Your Soulful-Inspired Mastermind & Business Coaching for Entrepreneurs

Soulful Transformation to wild success in your business. 

This is for you if you want:

  • To grow your business with grit, grace and guts—that’s in-flow not in-hustle
  • Your voice to carry further in the world
  • To join other soulful-inspired entrepreneurs in collaboration, support & wild success
  • More for you and your business
  • To build your business aligned to who you and the lifestyle you want to live
  • Accountability AND support

Soulful Inspired Mastermind is for you if you are ready to ignite the abundant flow of cash and clients into your business.

What is a soulful-inspired business ?

Kami will show you how to make heartfelt connections to mindful strategies in your business. She doesn’t teach business growth formulas, because you are YOU-nique. Real business strategy is different – it’s built from the inside-out, not the outside-in.

She will help you discover your own powerful compass – for discovering your true voice in brand and visibility, for identifying new growth opportunities and for solving problems. You will move from chaos to alignment. You grow your business with more confidence and clarity on what it is you are meant to deliver into our world and a plan to make it happen.

This one year program will help you #RaiseUP your voice, visibility and business from the inside-out, as you learn to develop:

  1. Voice of You: Attract your ideal clients with magnetic brand built from the inside-out aligned to who you are. Learn to speak your ideal client’s LOVE language and let go of brand elements that sound like the masses. #RaiseUP your message for worldly impact, so your ideal clients find you and hire you!
  2. Vision of Your Business: Develop a business growth strategy and model to grow your business in a way that feels right for YOU. You’ll adapt innovative and soulful approaches to #RaiseUP and expand your reach and bottomline! Learn the entrepreneurial secrets to creating a sustainable business that brings the money you desire.
  3. Visibility for Impact: To make the impact you desire in the world, you’ve got to be visible! #RaiseUP your thought leadership presence and become the go-to-expert in your field!
  4. #RaiseUp Your #RFactor™. How you Resonate matters, and Kami’s #RFactor toolkit will help you raise the energetic vibrations of how you show up in your business, attract new clients and expand the possibilities in your business beyond what you ever imagined! Learn to lead with ease and grace, and master a confident and inspired mindset, so you can share your gifts with the world.

What is a Soulful-Inspired Mastermind Offers: 

What a Soulful-Inspired Mastermind Offers:

  • Monthly Mastermind Meetings:  Laser learning experiences based on business mindsets, skillsets and toolsets that have been time-tested for success PLUS two, 30-minute deep-dive coaching opportunities for members to address specific business problems or opportunities
  • Monthly Power Hours: Open Q&A calls to address pressing questions about your business’ growth
  • Monthly Business Boosts: 30-minute blasts on hot business growth topics like social media, marketing and sales, execution, and more!
  • Quarterly Expert Source Hour: Experts on topics that matter to you most will provide exclusive learning events for YOU to hone your entrepreneurial awesomeness.
  • Support and Community: Join a team of soulful-inspired business owners who are setting their journeys on fire in an environment of support, growth and learning. Connect in our exclusive, private Facebook group and during calls and at live events. Lean in to an incredible tribe of risk-takers and dream makers.
  • An Equine Guided Retreat focused on you and growing your business (with certain package options).
  • Speaker Training Workshop to raise your presence on stage (with certain package options).
  • Wild Woman Writing Retreat to put your book out in the world (with certain package options).
~ Arezou Zarafshan
Startup Fundraising Academy
“I doubled my consulting revenue and I established credibility and reputation in the domain of fundraising with my online academy.”

Kami’s sales and marketing expertise and wisdom introduced me to strategies for growing and scaling my business, ranging from event marketing, content marketing, pricing to subscriptions and more. She generously invites us into her circle of spirituality where we find clarity, sisterhood and collective strength. In the first year of working with Kami, I was featured on 3 different podcasts, was interviewed on live radio, spoke at a WomenWhoStartup event, and Boulder Startup Week! It’s been such a great year, I’ve signed up for another year because, as a serial entrepreneur, I’m going to be launching a new technology-enabled platform for moms!”


Connie Jones
Founder of Arise Counseling & Coaching and Warrior Women in Peachtree Georgia

“I felt afraid, hopeless and desperate. Kami helped me get clear on my vision and implement it, grow my business, attract my ideal clients, and most importantly, take back my life. As a result of working with Kami, my business has doubled in growth into the multi-six-figures. I also have reclaimed ownership over my life and where I spend my time and energy.”

Isabella Zaczek
Founder of IZ Consulting
“Kami is the perfect ying and yang of being direct as well as incredibly empathetic, providing this unique blend of intuition, personal experience and wisdom.”

“My private coaching sessions with Kami provided unbelievable support in building up my confidence. I was all over the place with my messaging, wanting to try 500 things at the very same time. I desperately needed structure. Kami helped me with focusing on my top priorities which also encouraged me to participate in a WBENC pitch competition and getting started with my very own podcast. If there is one thing for sure, Kami absolutely showed me what finding and raising my own voice looks and feels like!”

tim moran
Tim Moran
Creativity in Leadership
“Kami helped me turn my idea into a business!”

I had just left a long corporate executive career, and traditional executive coaches simply did not “see” alternative possibilities for me the way Kami saw them. She brought an emotional and intellectual framework for my thoughts and aspirations to help me build my Creativity in Leadership consultancy. I hit my ambitious first year revenue goals and am showing up in the world as the creative person I have always been. Kami is surrounded by a lot of smart, interesting people who are doing things differently, and I’ve even partnered with some of the other extraordinary consultants in her circle of experts.

Deb Matlock
Wild Rhythms
“Kami brings hard-core business knowledge and her own brand of spiritual wisdom to her mastermind and one-on-one coaching programs.”

“I now know that being myself is really the most important things I can do for my business! With more clarity, more inspiration and most of all a solid plan for growth, I feel like a serious business owner and not just someone with a hobby business. I am confident in sharing my work and my offerings and have grown my overall social media and email communities. I have been featured on 4 podcasts and landed 4 speaking engagements so far, and I’ve grown my online community by 50%! Most important, I am bringing new ideal clients into my business!”

Mindful leadership coach helping help create a new era of business leaders
“I closed 25% of a very full room of prospects in my very first client-attraction event because I understood the challenges and frustrations they were living”

“Kami helped me refine a very broad target market for my business – into a much more focused target audience I loved. I got clear about who I wanted to spend time with and how I wanted to feel working with my clients. This in-depth process to truly know my audience helped me in two important ways: 1) to speak their language; 2) and even more importantly, deliver value in the programs I create. It’s become the foundation of my business that will only evolve as my relationships with my wonderful clients deepens and grows.”

ce-ES3_0838-Edit (1)
Florida communication coach for change seekers with big ideas to express to the world

“I knew I had a calling to do more.  Kami made a profound impact on my life, by helping me embrace my unique talents with the confidence and courage to fully live into this calling.”

Helping pet parents deepen their connection with their animal friends

“Kami took me ‘by the hand’ and guided me to the answers I needed. She helped me find clarity around how to brand, package and market my business to make it successful. Her step-by-step approach took me from a burned-out “working gal” to an enthusiastic, in-love-with-her-business entrepreneur. And to top it all off, I have doubled my business in a single quarter!”

11-20-2017 3-17-24 PM
Organizational Development and HeartMath Consultant and Coach
“I am a successful career entrepreneur who felt a calling for a complete change in the work I’d been doing – and I did it!”

“Kami helped bring a huge dose of clarity and confidence for the new work into my life; and an action plan, enabling me to create a life doing more of what makes me feel alive! Today I love the work I’m doing, because I am making a difference! Working with Kami is a transformational deep dive. Her credibility is endless; her toolbox varied and creative, mystical and practical; her compassion huge and her vision clear. All of this, and more, is yours so you can know your talents and gifts, and live a life you love sharing them with the world.”


Colorado wellness coach and mom committed to leaving a legacy
“Kami has taken me, personally and professionally, from a great business to an exemplary business!” 

“I feel empowered, validated, authentically me, and just plain happy. There isn’t a price tag on happiness. That happiness creates an energetic space going forward that can’t be anything other than positive!!!! Kami brings out the best of who we already are and allows us to radiate that light that makes us exceptional human beings. She has changed my life this year, and I am forever grateful to her. Through her coaching, she has wrapped my confidence up into a tight bundle for power-popping impact going forward.”

Find out if the Soulful-Inspired Mastermind and Coaching with Kami is right for you! Apply for a Soulful-Inspired Strategy Session with Kami and we’ll explore how you can make heartfelt connections to mindful strategies to ignite an abundant flow of cash and clients into your business!
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