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Women Entrepreneurship Trends and Insights for 2023

Women Entrepreneurship Trends and Insights for 2023

Women’s wisdom is the medicine our earth needs.

As women, we all have an inner firedancer that burns brightly and is full of life. When we embody the energetic presence of the firedancer, the possibilities are abundant, especially in our business. And I am so honored by the many extraordinary women who are entering my mastermind programs as we kick off this new year – some women new to me, and others I’ve known for years and am honored they have chosen me as their guide in this new year. I’m excited for the voices that will come into the world… in leadership, in thought, in impact. As I look across the businesses represented in the circles, I know that their work is needed in the world and that there are people awaiting to find them… right now.  I’m excited about the expansion of their business and what that will mean to their lives, and the lives of those touched by her work… It’s the ripple effect and it’s why I love the work I get to do in this world. There’s still time to join us, so if you want to learn more jump out to and apply.

These past few weeks have given me time to reflect on what has worked in my business and my client’s businesses, as well as look at the trends I see coming.

Today, I thought I’d bring some of these insights to you. 

1. The Great Breakup

There are many reasons why more and more women are saying goodbye to their corporate jobs and stepping into the world of being an entrepreneur according to McKinsey’s recent research. Women leaders are just as ambitious as men and it’s increasingly important that they work for companies that prioritize flexibility, employee well-being, diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

It will be 15 years this year since I left my VP of Marketing job behind me, and it’s been the most tremendous journey of growth, evolution, and expansion than I have ever gone on in my life. The ripple effect of my work today is tremendously more impactful than it ever was during my corporate days.

I believe this trend of women leaving their corporate jobs to own their own voice and impact will continue. We have discovered new freedoms, new power, and new ways to lead – and that is one of the gifts we give our world as we learn to show up in the world in our new light.

I love that I have discovered a sweet spot in my own business of helping former corporate escapees accelerate their growth back to their former corporate salaries, leveraging our past success and communities, but doing it in an entirely different energy… one connected to soul wisdom and leading in new ways… defining a slower and more grounded way in life, trusting our intuition and letting her guide us… a journey to time prosperity and wealth prosperity!

2. Streamline and Simplify

Savvy successful entrepreneurs will continue to streamline and simplify their businesses in smart ways.

They’ve built smart and scalable business models that solve their soul client’s biggest challenges. They have found clarity in their voice – their brand and marketing messaging, because there is laser-focused clarity in who they serve and what their biggest needs are.

Some questions you might ask yourself as you look into your 2023 include: Are there products you want to release in 2023? Have you mapped your customer journey – why people come into your business, what their most expensive problems are, what their biggest desires are? How do these answers shift as they go deeper into their journey with you? Do you have a high-value offer that helps your client in that journey?

I invite you to look at your brand, your marketing, and your products and ask yourself these questions. It’s a great opportunity to finetune some of these fundamental basics in your business. We always have space to refine our businesses, no matter the stage of your business.

3. Community and Deeper Connection

I see the expanding importance of relationships and community. What’s key here is the relationship. Where and how can you build deeper relationships? This isn’t a high-volume game, but rather, selecting a community where you feel alignment and connection. Building your own communities. Getting to know people at a deeper level. Building strategic partnerships.

As you look at your own circles of community, start with your own community – how are you engaging your clients and circles of influence? Are there ways you can bring more magic to that space? How can you create more meaningful connections among the many in your circles?

Then look to the communities in which you are a member. Here I will remind you to simplify, for you can’t build deep connections with a half dozen communities all at once. Remember the key is relationship. Select 1 or 2 and then engage… deeply.

4. Thought Leadership

You can’t outsource your leadership of thought. Only you can bring your wisdom to life. It is only you that has your unique set of experiences that makes your wisdom yours.

What does this mean? It means making dedicated space in your business to think. To brainstorm. To mindmap. To write. To bring your ideas to life.

Once you have a framework around your ideas and messages … I call this a content strategy … you can leverage hired resources to share these ideas, but the compilation of voice and vision is yours to design. I’ve seen too many people… myself included… turn over their marketing and messaging before it was really ready to be leadership quality… and what happens is that the message just gets lost in the noise. You sound like everyone else, and you lose your beautiful, soulful connection to some of your most powerful wisdom.

In our world where information flows readily and easily, we are inundated with so many messages. In order to stand out from the noise, the leaders of today and tomorrow will be the ones who have found clarity in meaningful content and stories that connect to their audience. Make the space for you to be in your thought leadership messaging. Build upon it. Speak to it. And repurpose it.

5. Resiliency

This ties back to #1 on this list for sure. The women leaving corporate America left because they were burnt out and exhausted from trying to fit into a culture that didn’t work for them.

I know that it’s really easy to fall back into the doing it all patterns that we started as executives, and apply this to our business. And the truth is … we can’t do our best work if we allow that to happen. In fact, when I say that Women’s Wisdom is the medicine our earth needs, I am speaking of how we are changing and leading the work cultures of tomorrow.

What I see happening in the world of women entrepreneurs is that they are catching themselves when they start to fall back into these old patterns, and they are redesigning ways of operating their businesses, making self-care space for themselves – in mindfulness, movement, and spirituality. They are learning to listen to her inner wisdom and intuition and allowing her to be a key influence in her day-to-day decisions. Basically, her intuition is taking a seat at her board table, along with her mentors and strategic partners.

As women, we are shapeshifting how business is done… with soul and with strategy. We are getting better at setting boundaries, saying no, and defining our own pathways – for the sake of ourselves and our families first, and our communities and our world second. This is why women’s wisdom is the medicine our earth needs.

And in order to step into our calling, we have to tend to our inner light first. And from this space, we create our own resiliency and the resiliency of businesses for the future.


Tell me how you will be shifting in your world for 2023, let me know how I can support you in your journey to wild success, and connect with me.

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