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Lynn Abaté-Johnson, A Daughter’s Journey With Her Mom to the End, Episode 284

Lynn Abaté-Johnson, A Daughter’s Journey With Her Mom to the End, Episode 284

Many of us have had the honor to be a caretaker for loved ones in their final days of life. It was just five years ago that I had this journey with my sister. That time was filled with sorrow. It was filled with love and some of the most special moments of my life that I will forever cherish.

It’s an honor to introduce you to my dear friend, Lynn Abaté-Johnson. She shares her journey and her story with you which I know will touch your heart. This past fall, she launched her new book, Out Of Love a Daughter’s Journey With Her Mom to the End, sharing her story of being a caretaker to her mother. After being a primary caretaker to her mother for over six years, she understands the typhoon of emotions and responsibilities that comes with caring for a loved one. However, she discovered how to blossom through caregiving rather than let it drown her.


In This Episode:

  • Lynn shares her feelings when her book was launched and how she’s learning and practicing what she’s learning along the way
  • Her realization that not all who went through the same journey have the same privileges
  • She talks about her online community where people can gather and talk about the similarities and differences in their caregiving experiences
  • How she learned that there are things in life that she cannot predict and control including sickness and death
  • She shares her mission and purpose to reveal new horizons to help people understand that there are more possibilities and perspectives available as people try to navigate through unforeseen circumstances.
  • The tools that will give emotional and logical support to caregivers
  • The importance of taking a pause and trusting and being patient with yourself


Lynn Abaté-Johnson is an author, Speaker, Global Business Consultant, Kickass Community Director, and Social Media Marketing Specialist. She’s been building businesses from the ground up since she was 9 years old. Lynn has leveraged her business experience to empower and inspire others in their personal lives as well.

Today, as part of her devotion to developing communities, she speaks with cohorts of caregivers to help them discover they’re not alone, everything’s going to be ok, and there are tools they can use to ease the burdens they might feel as caregivers. By using her natural organizational skills and her solid work ethic, she developed systems and processes to help navigate the difficult journey of caregiving. Her book, Out of Love: A Daughter’s Journey With Her Mom To The End, provides care for caregivers by giving them the emotional and logistical support they need.

“People are exactly where they need to to be when they need to be there.” ~Lynn Abaté-Johnson

To learn more about Lynn you can visit her website. You can also connect with her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

Let’s meet Lynn Abaté-Johnson

Lynn Abaté-Johnson Show Notes

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Thank you so much, Kami, for your love, effort, and the invitation to speak with you about care for caregivers here on your beautiful podcast. I appreciate you and I admire how you weave your magic into every conversation. It was truly a pleasure to speak with you about caring for our loved ones, and how, as you mentioned, it changes us for life, in so many beautiful ways. Gifts from our loved ones that last and last over time, as we remember them, Out Of Love. I’m excited to share this episode and of course, I’m a subscriber to all your shows! xxxLynn

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