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The number one secret every woman in her 40s and 50s should know…

The number one secret every woman in her 40s and 50s should know…

Our forties and fifties are a glorious time of our life!  Let’s face it ladies, we’re wiser to life!  We can choose not to play in the bullshit and decide who we want to play with.  We’ve paid our dues.  And while our bodies deliver all kinds of changing phenomena, I assure you, what is blossoming for you is truly remarkable!

The grand secret about being a woman in her forties and fifties is: This is a time of tremendous growth and sprouting opportunity!  You can draw and color the open slate of the second half of your life in any way your heart desires!

You have traveled the road of life, collecting stories that have shaped you.  With the deep wisdom that only comes with a breadth of life experiences, you can define a potential-rich future.  If you only you make space for the vision to unfold.

Our feminine souls are calling to us – asking for more meaning and purpose in life. This inner knowing is fired with desire to step into something that we care about… something that matters. We begin to question what dominates our time – asking “Is there another way?”  Your goddess wisdom is affirming “Yes!”

Distinguished pioneer in integrative medicine and a world-renowned expert in the mind-body connection, Joan Borysenko, wrote about this distinctive time of our lives, “What do women do? For one thing they defect from academia and corporations in droves, looking for more ‘meaningful work.’ This is just when I left Harvard and struck out on my own, echoing the cry of many women that, ‘It felt like a life-or-death decision.’ There is an incontestable urge to seek higher values and to be of service.”

I relate to Ms. Borysenko.  I was 45, when I got this urge. I had a calling to do something different and my executive life was no longer fulfilling me in the ways it once had. There was a calling for something more.

Like most women who get this calling, I didn’t immediately know my purpose or what the heck I was supposed to do. I needed space for my vision to unfold. I needed to intimately reconnect to me – at my very essence.  For me – my very essence – had gotten lost over many years of living at a breakneck pace.  I needed to follow the signposts that were pointing me in new directions.

Coming home to me opened my heart, magnifying a bright light that had a new place in this world.  I stepped into talents that had been dormant and sleeping.  I began to awaken an inner wisdom that had been hushed in the left-brain pathways I’d traveled. The arousal of my soul, reignited my 20-year-old spirit.

This is the secret that every 50-year-young woman should know.

Today, I share this grand secret with brilliant wise women who are ready to own their inner goddess. Some creatively shape their corporate roles into something more aligned to their talents and gifts –trail blazing a new working paradigm for the women they mentor and lead.  Others courageously step into an entirely different pathway launching into new ventures and transforming lives of the people they help.

In every case, they each are making a difference to our world.  Their work matters.

Today I know that my purpose in life is uplifting and empowering women to live into their full potential to leave a legacy that matters. My dream is that the ripple effect of my work will touch millions of women’s lives around the world, helping them dance into lives full of meaning. My mantras that I live and teach are:

  1. May we all have the courage to live large
  2. May we dream and play in soul-inspired thoughts and words
  3. May we know that determination thrives

May these mantras inspire your own journey.

If you are hearing the calling for something more, I invite you to take time to say “Yes” to your inner goddess wisdom. Sign up for one of my limited Yes-to-You Strategy Sessions and awaken the secrets of your wise soul.  Namaste, my friends.


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