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Four things you can do to awaken your inner fire…

Four things you can do to awaken your inner fire…

ignite your inner fire kami guildner coachingWith the spiraling whirl of 2020, I can’t think of a better time to awaken your inner fire. It’s time to light up your aspirations and intentions, with the inner wisdom that is yours, if you only listen.

Today, I invite you to stop and check-in with your inner fire.  Is it burning brightly or getting dimmed by the crazy gusts of life… of this year? Is your fire guiding your daily choices?  Do you know what feeds your inner fire? Most importantly, do you intimately know your inner fire?

Why does it matter?  It matters because I see so many people who get caught in the day-to-day rhythm of numbing monotony.  Living busy lives.  Balancing work, family, working crazy long hours and rarely turning the noise in life off.  The outer noise is always on with little to no time for self-care.

Not tending our inner fire leads to questions like:

  • “I feel stuck and exasperated.”
  • “I’m bored and don’t really care.”
  • “I’m hearing a calling, for something more… but I don’t know what it is?”
  • “I feel lost.”
  • “I’m afraid.”

When you live into your inner fire every day, these questions peacefully fall away, and in their place, you find you’re living a vibrant, happy, full life.  Your energy levels are rocking and full of make-it-happen thinking, amazing doors open and opportunities flourish.  Suddenly the right people show up in your life at just the right moment.  You’re on fire.

Adding fuel to your inner fire will transform your life.  Here are four things you can do that will fire up your 2020!

  1. Take time to reconnect to the very essence of you – the core of who you are – at an intimate level! Shine a light on your strengths and talents, your passions and values.  Understand what moves you at the heart-level and make time for this in your life.  Be able to verbalize what you’re great at – and align important life decisions to your essence.  You will breakthrough ceilings, see new opportunities that weren’t there before and you will feel amazingly alive.

    Action Step:  Journal on your essence this week.  Who are you?  Consider a story where you felt on fire and all was right in your world.  Identify your essence that showed up in that story.  Consider how your strengths, talents and passions might shape your future decisions.

  2. Treat your body like the temple it is. You are no good to anyone, if you are not nurturing your body first.  Right foods, right exercise, right amount of time to nourish your soul.  And when you treat your body right, acknowledge that you are nurturing your body with love.  Change your word choices from “I have to go to yoga,” to “I am taking time to care for the goddess in me.”

    Action Step:  Make yourself an uber healthy gourmet meal that is full of flavor.  Use Pinterest to find 5 more healthy meals that wet your appetite.  Attend a Restorative Yoga or dance class or go on a hike in the woods or a walk on the beach.  Celebrate that your body feels lighter and more energetic when you move.

  3. Give your inner voice a place to play. When things aren’t flowing just right for us, our hearts know.  We get signs in our dreams, our conversations, our gut.  We merely need provide an outlet for discovery.  Get artsy even if you think you’re not.    Meditate.  Sit in nature and observe.  Listen to the messages that rise to the top.

    Action Step:  Consider the question, “What does your heart want you to know?”

  4. Move into action with an abundance of support. Action is an essential step.  Action with support will turn your inner fire into a blaze.  Tell a friend who will cheer you on with loving support.  Get an accountability partner.  Hire a coach to help you grow and expand into your potential more rapidly (have I mentioned I currently have a business coach, a book coach and a health coach?) – I do believe in the power of coaching!

    Action Step:  Grab a copy of my book, Firedancer: Your Spiral Journey to a Life of Passion and Purpose. Every personal journey starts with a quest for deeper understanding of who we are, where we’ve been, and where we want to go. Firedancer invites you to embark on this journey— one that honors you and your unique story. If your heart calling for something more, Firedancer will help you build courage and resiliency to ignite the next passion-filled chapter of your life!

My wish for you is that your inner fire is alive and well
this crazy year we call 2020.
Countdown to vibrancy starts now!

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