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Love Letter From the Soul #2 – Connect to Adversity

Love Letter From the Soul #2 – Connect to Adversity

Today I’m going to ask you to consider the adversity in your life? Connect to it. Embrace it. Adversity can be our friend and set free the depth of wisdom inside of us. We have the answers within, if we give them room to breathe… There are clues and signposts that can guide us.

  • In your business – what feels difficult or hard? What feels easy? What if you shifted your focus to creating more of what is flowing with grace and ease?
  • In your life – are there lessons to be learned in those moments of discourse? What is your body calling for that needs to shift? Ask it. She knows.

Adversity can be a gift. It can unlock what feels stuck. It can help us see different pathways. It can create action. Knowing action guided by wisdom. Simply acknowledging what feels difficult, send a little self-love your way, and embrace with curiosity – what else is possible.

Much love,

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