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Love letter from the soul – connect to your SELF

Love letter from the soul – connect to your SELF

My morning #PhotoADay picture I took today during my “Me” time. Enjoying beauty.

This morning in my journal time, the word connect came to me. Now this is a word that I put a lot of focus on in general… I’m often told it’s one of my gifts. It can mean connection to self, to others, to nature, to our purpose, to ourselves as part of the bigger Universe – as one.

In my morning ponderings, I explored the concept of connection to my SELF. Connection to how I feel in any given moment. I don’t know about you, but I know that there are times when I can lose touch with this connection… to SELF.

You see I’m a doer. I like to get things done and I often can get caught up in the shoulds and coulds and checking things off the list, that I forget to stop and tune in to my SELF.

Yes, I do know things that help me do this… morning meditation, journaling, walks in nature, taking time to enjoy the beauty that is all around me. But somehow, in the midst of doing, this can sometimes get lost.

This morning I recommitted myself to taking time for me. I thought I’d share some of the things that I’m doing to make space to connect to my SELF – and it’s a perfect timing in this month of love – to put a little self-love back on ourselves. My hope is that my own self-love exercises will ignite some of your own self-love practice this month:

  • Morning me time – an hour each morning of tuning into what my body needs – whether it is meditation, journaling, reading… I love starting my days this way. It shifts the way the day flows always. I’m committing to no excuses on this one. Will you join me?
  • Ask the question – how am I feeling today? Name the emotions. Embrace the emotions with grace and be in them whatever they might be. Be gentle on yourself and explore what it is you might need.
  • Explore what has been calling to you in your life? What do you want more of? When I asked myself this question earlier this year – two things came up:
    1. I decided to bring more creativity in my life this year by pausing more and enjoying the beauty all around me. I love my camera, and made a #PhotoADay goal for these pauses. For me this is not about the perfect picture (more on perfection in a moment), but more about the pause. Enjoying. Taking it in. Unique angles. Full views. And I’m sharing these moments of pause and beauty on my Instagram account, just to hold myself accountable. Does it mean I’ve taken a photo every day since the first of the year? No. (Remember that part about being gentle and graceful on ourselves). I do know I’ve taken more photos and had more pauses and more appreciation of beauty than I would have otherwise. Again, it’s not about perfection. It’s about the journey.
    2. Yesterday I attended a Hatha Yoga class. Every time I attend a class at this studio, I get the perfect message that is meant to come to me on any given day. Yesterday, the message was “that is not an obstacle in your pathway… the obstacle is your path.” This wisdom has me curious about obstacles and pathways. I don’t know the answer yet – but I love the fodder it is providing. I am committing to more space to explore my spirit ponderings. To opening the door to teachers and guides and allowing the wisdom to flow. I love fodder to ponder like this.

These are my two words. What are yours? What is calling to you? Make space for the life lessons that want to enter your world

  • Vibe Check-in: How we resonate matters. I’m promising myself more check-ins throughout the day to notice where my vibe is! I love when I am in the positive, high vibrational, serving mode because I am living all-in then. And when I start to fill that shift, I’ll look for ways to amp that up… perhaps a quick walk out in nature, a healthy meal, a break to call a loved one, a walk out to the barn. The important thing is noticing and then acting when need be. What might you do when your vibe shifts downward? What kind of amp-up strategies might you have in your back pocket?
  • Perfection Detox: I mentioned perfection above. Last week on Extraordinary Women Radio, I interviewed Petra Kolber who wrote the book The Perfection Detox. If you stop short of doing things because they may not be perfect… if you are playing small because you feel like you may not be good enough at something… you will want to listen to this episode.
  • Daily Inspiration and Learning: Where are you getting your daily inspiration? Where are fresh ideas coming in for your business? How are you learning from others? I certainly have my tribe here! Make sure you’re surrounding yourself with people who help you stretch and grow! Shake it up if you’ve had the same folks around you for a while and bring in new ideas to your life and business!

Over the next 10 days as we lead up to Valentine’s Day, I’m going to share a Love Letter from the Soul each day. I’m simply going to open up each morning and tune in. I know I have more to share on connection… with others, with nature, with our purpose. Not sure what else is going to flow through me… yet I trust the right messages will flow… as we grow ourselves, our businesses and how we’re showing up in the world together.

Thanks to my dear friend and favorite artist, Carrie Fell who sparked this idea of Love Letters from the Soul, with her own series on Facebook called Love Notes. Check out her Facebook page and follow her deep wisdom she’s posting each day through February 14! A different form with different messages.

Much love,

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