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Chandy Ghosh, Visionary Tech Executive and Thought Leader – 008

Chandy Ghosh, Visionary Tech Executive and Thought Leader – 008

Chandy Ghosh is a trail blazing executive woman in the world of tech, and her interview on Extraordinary Women Radio is so inspiring. Chandy shares her story of growing up in Calcutta, and how her father guided her into the world of STEM – science, technology, engineering and math – and learning at a very young age – at a time when many of her female classmates were being guided toward arranged marriages and humanity classes like cooking, stitching and knitting.

I love the great wisdom that Chandy shares on her journey to becoming a well respected visionary C-Suite executive who broke the barriers and created her own rules on her way to the top. She is passionate about mentoring women and minorities. She is currently an Executive Partner at ThoughtWorks, a software-engineering  company that seeks to revolutionize business by delivering disruptive technology to address their client’s toughest challenges.

Thoughtworks  recently was recognized as the 2016 best place to work for women in tech…  ahead of companies like Google and Facebook! Thoughtworks team is 60% women – including at the executive ranks – compared to the nearest competitor at 23%! In our interview, Chandy shares insights into why this really matters to the companies who get serious about gender equity – from a perspective of culture, financial growth and our world.


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