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Denise Soler Cox, Indie filmmaker and co-creator of Project Enye – 007

Denise Soler Cox, Indie filmmaker and co-creator of Project Enye – 007

This is a really fun episode of Extraordinary Women Radio, where Denise Soler Cox, an indie filmmaker, national speaker, and award-winning entrepreneur shares her own story about following the seeds of an idea – a documentary film – that was birthed over drinks with friends one night. We talk about authenticity and vulnerability, following your passion, the importance of making a difference, being enough and listening to your heart! It’s chock-full of  extraordinary wisdom!

In 2012, as described by Denise: talent intersected with passion and Denise co-created Project ñ with Oscar-nominated documentary veteran Henry Ansbacher. Through this partnership, Denise gave her experiences of growing up first-generation Latina in America an international stage that has manifested into a modern-day cultural movement rooted in Radical Self-Cultural Awareness.

Project ñ is a multi-media project focused on creating new conversations that reinvent the way we view culture and interpret diversity in our lives – and includes film, podcasts, blogs, cultural discussion guides and live public engagements. She has a TedX Talk called Radical Cultural Self-Awareness.

Be sure to listen all the way through for your free gift! For more on Project ñ visit

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