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Renelle Everett Darr – A Thought Leader in Corporate Culture Transformation – 006

Renelle Everett Darr – A Thought Leader in Corporate Culture Transformation – 006

I’m so excited to share this episode of Extraordinary Women Radio featuring Renelle Everett Darr – an innovative and cutting-edge thought leader who believes that emotionally intelligent workplaces and leaders can change the world. And of course that jazzes me! Renelle has worked around the world with individual leaders, teams and consults within organizations to help them reshape their organizational cultures.

She took the leap from a corporate job to start her own company, Insight Consulting & Coaching around the same time that I launched Syzygy, and she shares her stories of making the big transition in our interview. More importantly she talks about the important work she’s doing in our world today!

This is an interview about leadership! It’s about changing cultures! Renelle and I share a passion to change the world by helping people develop into the best version of themselves – and in Renelle’s case, she starts in the work place.

As Renelle shares, “Many people spend half their waking life at work, yet work is a place where a large number of people don’t want to be. What if more people could bring their whole self to work and what if that led to not only greater personal fulfillment… but to more organizational success?”

Our world is in transition. Many people can feel it, but not all can truly understand the shift in consciousness that is happening. Renelle shares how she’s helping people evolve themselves, and how organizations benefit! It’s an inside-out approach to leadership and cultural transformation that I love. If we start from the inside-out, what might that do for us collectively? As a family? Within our organizations? Within society? This is Renelle’s work and I’m thrilled to share it with you!

I invite you to tune in to Renelle’s great wisdom around the pioneering leadership work she’s taking into your clients around the world. To learn more about Renelle and her work visit or follow her on Twitter at


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