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Karen Yankovich: Raise up your online influence – Episode 157

Karen Yankovich: Raise up your online influence – Episode 157

EWR Karen YankovichToday on Extraordinary Women Radio, I’m excited to introduce you to Karen Yankovich – CEO of Uplevel Media and internationally recognized LinkedIn Expert!

In this Episode:

  • How Karen Yankovich is feeling the “expansion” at times like this
  • Showing up differently in your online community – as a leader and an influencer
  • How does your “digital” front door look like
  • Why Karen believes that social media is a gateway to personal relationships – having connection more than having a community
  • LinkedIn as the platform with lesser noise but with a deeper, valuable connection
  • Building a credible brand, showing up who you are, and creating the influence to the world
  • Biggest mistakes of people in using social media

Karen is the CEO of Uplevel Media and her business is rocking right now. She an internationally recognized LinkedIN expert and consultant helping businesses profit in LinkedIN Strategies and is the host of the popular podcast “Good Girls Get Rich.”

We’re in an unprecedented time, but if you can be the person that can find the time to build powerful relationships now that can carry you through this, you’re not just going to survive this, but you’re going to thrive.” – Karen Yankovich

Discover more about Karen’s work and passion on her website: Karen Yankovich. You can also connect with her on LinkedIn and follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

Let’s meet Karen Yankovich!

Karen Yankovich Show Notes

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