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Simone D. Ross – Creating More Equitable Workspaces for Greater Impact! – Episode 155

Simone D. Ross – Creating More Equitable Workspaces for Greater Impact! – Episode 155

Simone D. RossToday on Extraordinary Women Radio, I’m excited to introduce you to Simone D. Ross, who is creating more equitable workspaces for greater impact!

At an early age Simone realized the reality of societal disparities in marginalized communities. Because of this she drives to raise awareness and find solutions to alleviate these inequities. Simone is passionate about building sustainable, empowered, educated, and safe communities. Her passion is demonstrated through her work with women, and youth.

In an effort to catalyze change, and elevate equity of opportunity in work, Simone founded Simone D. Ross, LLC, a consulting firm with the vision of catalyzing human thriving through effective and integrative change management. Simone uses her 15+ years of corporate experience to bring voice to the importance of creating equitable and sound business enterprises. Simone also brings a refreshing voice and insight to many events as a Host and Auctioneer. She facilitates inspiring experiences, content, and presentations, to “ignite the light” in the participants at the events she hosts.

Simone has served as the Regional Managing Director of The Riveter, one of the fastest growing brands in the nation, leading the expansion and operations in the Denver and Minneapolis markets. Through her work she progressed the corporate mission by building a sustainable community rooted in equity. She believes that through collaborative and equitable workspaces, everyone wins, accelerating their companies, careers, and lives.

Throughout Simone’s extensive corporate career she has served as the Director of Strategic Business Initiatives at SCL Health, where she facilitated strategic planning for regional hospital’s and facilities. Additionally, she focused on major transactions, mergers and acquisitions, and ministry growth. Prior to joining SCL Health, she served as the Director of Business Development at Delta Dental, where she founded and operated the SpringRock Dental oral health corporation, with the mission of providing quality oral healthcare to underserved communities.

Simone spent many years at Kaiser Permanente, where she worked as an advocate for Colorado’s business community, pioneering Kaiser’s Business Development Department. She worked collaboratively with leaders throughout the region to identify and materialize partnership opportunities, and created growth and development initiatives. Her work contributed significantly to Colorado’s economy, and increased Kaiser’s market footprint. During her tenure at Kaiser Simone also worked in the small business Sales and Marketing Department. She was a leader and thought partner in advocating for small business. Her work contributed to corporate growth targets, developing and marketing small business health plans, and advocating legislatively for small business interests.

“There’s no diversity in making diffusion.” – Simone D. Ross

Discover more about Simone’s works and passion on her website: Simone D. Ross. You can also connect with her on LinkedIn and follow her on Facebook, and Twitter.

Let’s meet Simone D. Ross!

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