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Amber McReynolds – Transforming Our Election Systems across Our Nation, and Co-Author of When Women Vote – Episode 154

Amber McReynolds – Transforming Our Election Systems across Our Nation, and Co-Author of When Women Vote – Episode 154

Amber McReynoldsToday on Extraordinary Women Radio, I’m excited to introduce you to Amber McReynolds, who is transforming our election systems across our nation!

In this Episode:

  • How pandemic is exposing our election systems across our nations
  • What elections solutions work
  • How Amber helps this problem right now
  • Why Amber wrote her book “When Women Vote”
  • How the young generations will know the stories of women who fought for our right to vote a hundred years ago and how can we get these stories out so that they don’t get lost for that generation

Amber McReynolds is one of the country’s leading experts on election administration and policy, and co-author of the book “When Women Vote,” released in January 2020.

Amber is the CEO for the National Vote At Home Institute and Coalition and is the former Director of Elections for Denver, Colorado. During her time there, she transformed the elections division into a national and international award-winning office. She has proven that designing pro-voter policies, voter-centric processes, and implementing technical innovations will improve representation for all voters.

Amber serves as an advisory board member for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Election and Data Science Lab, a board member for Lift Colorado, a board member for Represent Women, and serves on various advisory boards for other national organizations focused on improving election administration. Among other accolades, Amber was also named by Governing Magazine as a 2018 Top Public Official of the Year for her work and a 2020 Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce 25 Most Powerful Women in Business.

“Voting can be such an educational experience for our children.” – Amber McReynolds

Discover more about Amber’s works and passion on her website: VOTE at HOME. You can also connect with her on LinkedIn and follow her on Twitter.

Let’s meet Amber McReynolds!

Amber McReynolds Show Notes

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