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Krystal Covington: Founder of Women of Denver, PR and Branding Expert – 057

Krystal Covington: Founder of Women of Denver, PR and Branding Expert – 057

Today’s Extraordinary Women Radio interview is with Krystal Covington, the Founder and CEO of Women of Denver, a social enterprise association and quarterly magazine.

Krystal was on my Extraordinary Women Connect stage last Fall, and I’m on a panel at Krystal’s Women of Denver Quarterly Networking party this coming Saturday evening, which I understand brings 150 women together in a single evening. And then I speak at her monthly Women of Denver meeting on June 21 on “The Brand of You: Igniting Your Presence, Purpose and Profile as a Change Maker.” You can learn more about both of these events here. Come join us – it would be great to see you there!

Denver is such a happening place for female entrepreneurs with several growing and collaborative groups like Women of Denver, my own Extraordinary Women Connect, The Dames, eWoman Network Denver, FemCity Denver and others. I’m in awe of all the collaboration and ways Denver women entrepreneurs are coming together to uplift one another! It’s a pretty cool energy of incubation and support.

As a PR and branding expert, Krystal has a strong passion and belief that now is the time for women to take the lead! We dig into how women can make an impact in the world, Krystal expressed, “Go speak it. Put yourself out there right. Put it in words.” In our interview, she drops all kinds of tips on getting into the media, including how important it is to build a story that links your philosophies and ideas to what is going on in the world right now – make it newsworthy. She tell us “That’s what will get you interviews!”

She shares her story of starting Women of Denver in 2014, just jumping in and doing it! As she shares in the interview, “I had to let go of the idea that THEY had all the answers for me, and that only I had the answers for me.” She’s a risk taker, a doer and a bright and shiny young star in the Denver community. And she’s so full of wisdom! Here are a few of her insights:

  • When you are doing the things that feel good, time feels different, you experience life with more fullness, you are just energized
  • Believe in the changes that you want to see happen
  • Life goes in waves, just like sounds and just like water. There will be ups and downs, and be sure to have a plan for the lows in life.

Krystal is a TEDx presenter, a national speaker and trainer and a regular Forbes contributor.

You can learn more about Krystal on her and or follow her on Facebook or Twitter. Be sure to check out her new Women of Denver Magazine!

Let’s meet Krystal Covington of Women of Denver.

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