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Jamie ‘Sensei’ Leno Zimron: Founder of The KiAi Way®, Integrative, Body-Based Peak Performance Training – 058

Jamie ‘Sensei’ Leno Zimron: Founder of The KiAi Way®, Integrative, Body-Based Peak Performance Training – 058

Today I am so pleased to bring Jamie ‘Sensei’ Leno Zimron to Extraordinary Women Radio – a modern-day ‘renaissance woman.’ She is a 5th Degree Aikido Black Belt, Class A LPGA Teaching Professional, Marriage Family Therapist (MFT), Certified Sports Counselor, Master Bodyworker, Corporate and Conference Speaker-Trainer, and an International Citizen’s Diplomat.

And on top of all of this – Her work has been the center of peacemaking efforts in some of the most challenging war-torn regions of the world.

The principles that Jamie shares with us in this interview – about becoming centered and aligned helps us find a peaceful inner power – one where we’re completely present in our body, our head and our voice. Her work helps people discover the body-mind keys and tools to work, play and be their best – for their own peak performance. Making the world a better place for everyone. Yes, Jamie is certainly a changemaker.

Known by her clients as Jamie Sensei, Jamie is a pioneer in blending ancient eastern wisdom with modern western disciplines for self-mastery and peak performance in all things life, leadership and even golf. This interview is rich with somatic wisdom and how you can apply it in your own life and business.

And what’s really extraordinary, is that Jamie has brought her teaching to the Middle East Aikido Project to help unite Israelis and Palestinians through the Martial Art of Peace. Arabs and Jews are now meeting on the mat to explore non-violent conflict resolution and possibilities for peace.
Jamie Sensei brings a rare combination of knowledge, insight and creativity to sports, business, personal growth, and to learning itself. She is acclaimed worldwide for her dynamic teaching style and unique gifts in guiding people to newfound well-being and success.

In this interview we talk about energy and how important (and sometimes difficult) it can be to truly be IN our body, despite the fact, that our body is the one thing that is with us from the minute we are born until the minute we die.

We are energy. We are the stewards of our energy. We are in charge of our energy. ~Jamie ‘Sensei’ Leno Zimron

To learn more about Jamie Sensei, visit her on her web site or follow her on Facebook or LinkedIn.

At the beginning of this interview I mention that you can catch me speaking at several different places in the next few months and that I would include the links here, so here they are!

Let’s meet Jamie ‘Sensei’ Leno Zimron!

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