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Extraordinary Women ConnectTM

Connecting Great Women to Great Women

May 22, 2024 – Celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Extraordinary Women Connect

Sterling Event Space, 1261 Delaware Street, Denver, CO, 80204

For the past 10 years, thousands of women have gathered in circle at Extraordinary Women Connect events – connecting in meaning, purpose and shared support. Together we have shared stories of courage, success and living out loud.

Friendships have formed, business partnerships have been made, and so much wisdom has been dropped by the Circle of Inspiration Facilitators that have joined us over the years.

Every woman who has joined an Extraordinary Women Connect event has been given the opportunity to share her voice. That’s the magic of Extraordinary Women Connect.

As the founder of these powerful rooms of connection, I want to invite you to our 10-Year Celebration. I believe women’s wisdom is the medicine our earth needs, and as women entrepreneurs, we are changing how business is done. Women have been coming together in circle for centuries, and we are tapping into this ancient ritual to bring to life the strengths and gifts of every woman in the room.

I invite you to pull out your glitter and your gold, your sparkles and your light, and join me in celebrating this milestone year of Extraordinary Women! Let’s make a party of it!



We’re celebrating 10 years of Extraordinary Women Connect!

Over the past 10 years, we’ve had 70 Circle of Inspiration Facilitators lead our meaningful conversations. These are some of the most connected, inspiring and powerful women in the state of Colorado and beyond! Many of these extraordinary women will be joining us to celebrate this milestone Extraordinary Women Connect event! View our Hall of Fame to meet all of the Circle of Inspiration Facilitators who have joined us over the years.

Discover the Power of Connection: Celebrate Our Milestone Event

Join us in marking a significant milestone in our journey—a celebration of empowerment, growth, and the collective wisdom of high-vibe women entrepreneurs. Here’s why you want to join us:

  • Unparalleled Connection Opportunities: Immerse yourself in a community of like-minded women, all dedicated to building businesses that are not only successful but also joyful and fulfilling. This event is your chance to forge deep connections, collaborate, and create lasting relationships with fellow entrepreneurs who are eager to support and uplift one another.
  • Celebration of Women’s Wisdom: As we commemorate this special milestone, we also celebrate the wisdom and power of women changing the world through soulful entrepreneurship. This event is a testament to the impact we can make when we unite and share our unique voices and visions.
  • Energizing Inspiration: Be inspired by stories of breakthrough and success that resonate with your journey as an entrepreneur. This event is designed to reignite your passion, help you breakthrough any feelings of being spread too thin, and rekindle the excitement of running a business aligned with your deepest values.
  • A Catalyst for Growth: If you’re needing a spark of energy in your business, this event will bring the fire to your next steps. It’s crafted to illuminate new possibilities, enabling you to not just reach but soar beyond your goals. Leave with a renewed sense of purpose and a clear action plan to grow your business with more ease and joy.

We’re not just celebrating an event; we’re igniting a movement. Be a part of this extraordinary milestone and let’s create ripples of change together. Your journey to a more fulfilling, prosperous business starts here.

Let’s meet the founder and host of Extraordinary Women Connect…

Hi! I’m Kami, a business coach for changemaker women of influence. And I believe your voice matters!

My purpose on this planet is to lead high-vibe entrepreneurs to give voice to their most important messages and create a ripple effect of worldly impact.

With my decades of leadership, marketing, strategic planning, and business growth expertise – I help my clients uplevel their business by weaving soulful inspiration into mindful business strategies.

I am the founder of Extraordinary Women Ignite Conference, the host of an award-winning podcast, Extraordinary Women Radio, a bestselling author, and was recently named 2020 Twenty-Five Most Most Powerful Women in Business by the Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce.

I’m here to help you break all the rules of marketing and create a thriving business that looks and feels like YOU.


This is my ONE message to the world…

… Now let’s find out yours.

Who Attends Extraordinary Women Connect: Extraordinary women leaders and entrepreneurs interested in connecting with other wildly successful women in real conversations and story!  They are the change makers, the rule breakers and the rebels. They are women whose voices are meant to be heard. They are the dreamers AND the doers, and they lead with grit and grace. We’ve had representation from Colorado’s most influential women and fastest growing start-ups.

What we do: In keeping with the tradition of Extraordinary Women Connect events, we will be bringing some inspiration, followed by intimate and inspiring circles of conversation around topics that really matter. You will share stories of courage, success and living with intention with other women leaders, led by our circle of inspiration facilitators!

What the wildly successful women say about Extraordinary Women Connect!  

“I enjoyed the event last night….. Such amazing women and great questions to ponder and discuss!”

 “It was so inspiring to hear all the women’s stories that they shared so eloquently!”

 “It was really an amazing evening. Bravo on bringing so many amazing women together and connecting us all. And the venue was magical!”

 “A first class, one of a kind event!  I was looking forward to the event since you announced it, but had no idea the level of deep interaction and thought provoking ideas that I came away with.   My batteries were fully charged by the time the evening was over with and it’s just want I needed!”

 “It was warm and authentic, the table topics were just right, the facilitators were great, and the company was wonderful. And the food was so good, and so thoughtfully crafted into the evening’s activities.”

“Thank you for a wonderful evening!  I had no idea what the event would include and was pleasantly surprised at the energy, sharing and networking that occurred.  It was also a great opportunity for me to reflect on my current life, where I spend my time and how I can best create more space in my life to accomplish the things I have much passion about and need for in my life. I called a close friend and told her all about the event on the way home.  Then, spent a half hour telling my husband.  He said, “You sound like you just spent an evening with your best friends!”  Great energy.”

“Last night….I want to thank you for imagining and facilitating a new way to connect.  I loved hearing about each person’s journey, I loved hearing different mindset perspectives from the panel and I loved the beautiful environment to connect in.”


This event is a part of the Extraordinary Women Connect series created by Kami Guildner, a Storyteller, a Community Builder and a Coach for Women. Kami believes that women’s voices matter – and she helps them raise up their voice, their brand and their business. The mission of Extraordinary Women Connect is to connect great women to great women and give voice to their stories!

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