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Lori Bachman: Author of MentorShift because Mentoring Well Matters – 025

Lori Bachman: Author of MentorShift because Mentoring Well Matters – 025

Today’s Extraordinary Women Radio episode with Lori Bachman is the author of MentorShift. Lori invested over 25 years in the aerospace industry before she took the leap to becoming a respected thought leader on the topic of mentoring. In our interview, she tells the story of making the big transition in her life and how a lifetime of mentors has shaped her perspective on mentoring. She shares how to be a great mentor and a great mentee.

Lori is on a mission to help businesses improve their organizational results and bottom line ROI of their mentoring programs. As Founder and CEO of The MentorShift Group, Lori consults and speaks widely about her four-step mentoring system. Her MentorShift® process guides both businesses and individuals toward a lasting way to transfer skills, protect their leadership investment dollars and keep key talent from walking out the door.

Lori’s book, MentorShift, and its companion volume, MentorShift at Work is available at

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