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Rita Devassy: Mindfulness Master to the C-Suite, CEO of Deva Seed – 026

Rita Devassy: Mindfulness Master to the C-Suite, CEO of Deva Seed – 026

Today’s Extraordinary Women Radio episode is with Rita Devassy, the CEO of Deva Seed, a mindfulness-based leadership training company. Rita teaches business leaders to create space for awareness that sharpens their leadership of both people and organizations. In her own words, she claims, “I am an Indian born, Catholic raised, plant-eating, non-child bearing, 20 year corporate manager, woman in tech turned mindfulness coach.”

This interview is a delight – and I thoroughly enjoyed making space to hear Rita’s wisdom on how to bring more mindfulness in our day-to-day lives, and why it’s so important to our world right now. She shares her personal journey of growing up in India, the challenges of arriving in the US as a young woman, and how the ancient ways and wisdom of meditation helped her rise in up in ranks as a female leader in tech, and eventually to starting her own company Deva Seed. The threads of her life have led her on a journey to doing the work that I believe, she was destined to do in this life.

Mindfulness—both the formal practice of meditation and the moment-to-moment life application–teaches us to be resilient. It reframes our thoughts toward positivity and productivity, and helps us build a deeper sense of empathy, curiosity and compassion.

I couldn’t be more pleased to introduce you to Rita Devassy of Deva Seed. Visit her website at, or follow Rita on Facebook on the Deva Seed page or on Twitter at @deva_seed.

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