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Toni Caruso – The Business of Speaking – Episode 240

Toni Caruso – The Business of Speaking – Episode 240

Today we’re talking about putting your voice out in the world through speaking! I’ll share some of the things I’ll be teaching at our upcoming Soul Speaks from the Stage training we’re doing this coming weekend, and then I’m bringing on Toni Caruso, who teaches around the business of speaking.

In this episode:

  • Toni’s journey from promoting her own birthday parties as a little girl to event-planning entrepreneur to creating an academy for speakers
  • Why speaking is crucial to growing your business
  • How to get to your most important message so you can start sharing it onstage
  • Choosing the best stage for you and your business
  • The key skillsets you need to have to get your audience to say, “Yes!”, to your offerings
  • The biggest mistake speakers make when they speak about their offer
  • How you can determine your fee as a speaker
  • What speakers can do to create mutually beneficial long-term relationships with event planners
  • Tips to get started in your speaking career
  • Advice for moving from live stages to virtual stages

With over 30 years of event production experience Toni has brilliantly managed & successfully organized events small and large for the entertainment, corporate and business-to-business worlds. Toni has taken her skills, experience and behind the scenes event knowledge to professionals so they can help educate, inform and share their genius live on stage.

She operates in the speaking world as she guides, teaches and helps speakers, experts & gifted messengers stand out and monetize their message. The fact is speaking is one of the fastest ways to build your business and showcase your knowledge and expertise. Being an effective speaker is your ticket to breakthrough results. She wants you to stand up, speak up and show up now because there are people waiting to hear your message.

“You can spend your life looking for those ideal clients, doing the one-on-one thing, but isn’t it a lot easier to get up onstage and do one to many?” – Toni Caruso

To learn more about Toni and her work, check out her website. You can also follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn or listen to her podcast, Inside the Speaker’s Studio.

Let’s meet Toni Caruso.

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