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Leslie Kuster – 7 Keys to 7-Figures: The Quintessential Truth to Getting Money & Freedom for Women Entrepreneurs – Episode 239

Leslie Kuster – 7 Keys to 7-Figures: The Quintessential Truth to Getting Money & Freedom for Women Entrepreneurs – Episode 239

Today, I’m happy to introduce you to Leslie Kuster, a multiple seven-figure ecommerce brand owner whose business Back From Bali offers women bohemian chic clothing ethically made in Bali. Her book 7 Keys to 7-Figures: The Quintessential Truth to Getting Money & Freedom for Women Entrepreneurs, will launch later this Fall. I can’t wait to get it!

In this episode:

  • Leslie’s decades-long journey from New York City office worker to nomadic 7-figure business owner and the mindset that allowed her to step into the life of her dreams
  • Practical, actionable keys to building a hugely successful business and life
  • The taboo around women wanting money and how Leslie shifted her money stories
  • Getting out of the Princess Tower
  • How to embrace money, cultivate a money mindset, and step into your power so you can finally earn what you dream of
  • Tips for having your business serve you instead of you being a slave to it
  • How to tap into your feminine energy and power to create a successful business that feels good
  • Why allowing time and space for spirituality is crucial to staying aligned with your values in your business and your work
  • What operations lists are and how to leverage them to build your business and your team

The success of Back from Bali affords Leslie the life of her dreams, and she is passionate about igniting and inspiring other women entrepreneurs to rise while they create the financial and personal freedom they crave.

Leslie Kuster’s well-earned knowledge is born from experience. In her mid 50’s, she was able to ricochet her Back from Bali clothing business from 5 figures to multiple millions. She is now helping other women entrepreneurs of all ages realize their dreams and grow their businesses.

Leslie empowers women to live their true freedom by teaching them how to create a business that aligns with their deeper core values enabling women to work in a way that brings ease and flow into their daily lives so they can live truly fulfilled.

With over 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur, Leslie’s passion inspires women to pursue entrepreneurship in order for them to step into their independence, know their value, develop their feminine power, and earn the kind of money that creates freedom.

“Whenever you start to have that feeling of, “I wonder if,” that’s a sign to do something. That is next step into the next action of making your dreams come true.” – Leslie Kuster

To learn more about Leslie and her work, check out her website. You can also follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn or learn more about her upcoming book, 7 Keys to 7 Figures: The Ultimate Guide to Money and Freedom for Women Entrepreneurs.

Let’s meet Leslie Kuster.

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