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Sacred Walker – Unleash Your Vision with Stress Mastery – Episode 261

Sacred Walker – Unleash Your Vision with Stress Mastery – Episode 261

Today, I’m honored to introduce you to Sacred Walker, the CEO of Kuumba Health. She’s hailed by audiences worldwide as a gifted orator, charismatic presenter, visionary leader, and executive coach. Sacred Walker speaks about resilience, the capacity for all to thrive when transforming internal and external stressors into success thru facing the internalized judgments, biases, and doubts people face daily. After listening to this empowering interview, you’ll take away a fresh perspective on burnout, self-care, and much more!

In this Episode:

• Sacred Walker shares how she’s committed to transforming the mind, body, and spirit experience by helping other women live a life they love
• Tips on turning your pain into your superpower
• How tuning in and slowing down actually became her savior
• Healing through art, storytelling, and dance
• The power of playwriting development which allows people to embody specific roles before fully stepping into them
• The importance of looking to your archetype now and determining whether that is helping or hurting you
• Her commitment to healing generation trauma
• The empowering aspect of body wisdom, especially if we tap into it as a collective
• How burnout leads to stress eating, over-spending, and making impulsive decisions
• The difference between the little b and BIG B of burnout

Sacred Walker is a master facilitator and the CEO and Lead Holistic Trainer of Kuumba Health, a multi-service wellness and leadership institute for rising and seasoned caring professionals, to infuse well-being into their own daily lives and to stay connected to the vision that called them to the profession in the first place. As an immigrant from Kingston, Jamaica she is no stranger to the journey of healing from the impacts of emotional and physiological, and she shares her own journey today of how she healed using the arts, storytelling, and dance. Her life’s journey is to foster affirming wellness and leadership spaces across campuses and companies where care comes full circle by healing the divide, infusing well-being, and fostering leadership.

“The number one blocker of our brilliance is burnout.” -Sacred Walker

To learn more about Sacred Walker and her work check out her website. You can also connect with her on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. 

Let’s Meet Sacred Walker

Sacred Walker Show Notes.

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It was such an honor being on your show Kami Guildner Coaching !! Your insight and our organic conversation was amazing and I know all who tune in are ready for some sweet gems for sure!! Such an honor being in conversation with you. And hello listeners!! Sacred Walker

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