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Jessica Sato – Extraordinary Women Ignite Speaker, Light The World On Fire With Your Big Idea on TEDx Stages – Episode 260

Jessica Sato – Extraordinary Women Ignite Speaker, Light The World On Fire With Your Big Idea on TEDx Stages – Episode 260

Today, I’m thrilled to introduce you to Jessica Sato a true change-maker who will help you stand out above the noise. Jessica is the head speaker director for TEDx Franklin, a TEDx Breckenridge speaking coach, and she’s joining us at the Extraordinary Women Ignite Conference in November.

In this Episode:

  • Jessica shares her journey from college to climbing the corporate ladder and then finally leaving her job to start an entrepreneurial journey where she helps leaders grow to their highest self
  • The importance of building an exit strategy and putting specific systems in place before stepping into entrepreneurship
  • The magic of TEDx Talks and how they help people share big ideas
  • How TEDx Talks are rooted in something relevant and timely for a particular location
  • The importance of knowing what you truly want to say
  • Why you should strip away expectations and find a way to express something you care very deeply about in life
  • The beginnings of the BIG IDEA
  • How the thing you care most about is your big differentiator

Jessica Sato is the CEO of Jessica Sato Consulting, a business strategy and coaching firm that helps female business owners simplify, streamline, and be more strategic, so they have more freedom, flexibility, and fulfillment on their terms. She does this by helping women leverage the unique power of their story, values, and voice to set themselves apart and sell with confidence. Jessica is the head speaker director for TEDx Franklin and a TEDx Breckenridge speaking coach, and she’s passionate about helping people share their big idea while rocking that Red Dot.

“I’ve really fallen in love with helping women, in particular, navigate big transitional moments, especially leaving the corporate space and starting their own businesses. -Jessica Sato

To learn more about Jessica and her work, check out her website. You can also connect with her on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn.

Register for the Extraordinary Women Ignite Conference, where Jessica will join us as a speaker!

Let’s meet Jessica Sato.

Jessica Sato Show Notes.

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