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Teresa Vozza – Leadership Expert Helping Highly Accomplished Professional Women Up-Level Their Impact and Stop the Burnout – Episode 262

Teresa Vozza – Leadership Expert Helping Highly Accomplished Professional Women Up-Level Their Impact and Stop the Burnout – Episode 262

Today, I’m honored to introduce you to a visionary helping others lead a life that transcends burnout and embraces well-being executive coach for women, Tracy Vozza. In this latest interview, you’ll learn how to leverage practical tips that can help you in all stages of entrepreneurship.

In this Episode:

  • Teresa discusses her need to show up and never say no during her corporate career
  • Her inner journey of self-discovery
  • The importance of establishing boundaries
  • Patriarchal society blueprints and the expectations these place on women
  • Untangling her need for attention, accolades, and praise
  • Signs a person is experiencing burnout
  • The vicious cycles of burnout and tips on how to stop
  • The importance of knowing when you have stepped into over care
  • How genuine self-care is being in a state of renewal more than in a state of energy depletion
  • Teresa’s most significant lessons in growing her business
  • Why time is sacred

Teresa Vozza is a leadership expert, executive coach, and former Human Resources Executive with over 20 years of corporate experience. After experiencing the ‘crucible moment’ of intense burnout that changed her life, she finally decided to leave the c-suite corner office, in return for a life of meaning and transcendence.

Teresa is the go-to coach for highly accomplished corporate women who are dedicated to burnout-proofing their lives, their careers, and their businesses. She teaches women how to banish high pressure and lead with transcendence.

In addition to her work with established female leaders, Teresa is a highly sought after Thought Leader, and she trains professional women how to lead and attract with gorgeous grace, integrity, and bullet proof confidence. She has led hundreds of participants through leadership courses, workshops, and in her signature coaching program, The Crucible. She is a regular contributor on Breakfast Television and several podcasts, such as Power Presence Position, Wickedly Smart Women, and Entrepreneurs On Fire.

“I knew how to do. I did not know how to be.” -Teresa Vozza

To learn more about Teresa and her work check out her website. You can also connect with her on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Let’s meet Teresa Vozza.

Teresa Vozza Show Notes.

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