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Kelly Hoey: Build Your Dream Network – Episode 188

Kelly Hoey: Build Your Dream Network – Episode 188

Today on Extraordinary Women Radio, I am happy to introduce you to Kelly Hoey, author of “Build Your Dream Network: Forging Powerful Connections in a Hyper-Connected World.”

In this Episode:

  • The importance of forging powerful connections in our businesses – and how to level up the way we connect and build our communities!
  • She discusses her humble journey of transitioning from an  attorney into being a leader teaching others her own super power of  networking.
  • How to build a net of relationships – not by being a working-a-room-networker – but rather building a connection that lasts you a life-time.
  • Women’s unique gift in the world of connection.
  • Don’t deny someone access to your talent.
  • Understanding risks and how you can meet and move through your risk factors.
  • Building real relationships on social media.
  • Why she was called to write her book “Build Your Dream Network: Forging Powerful Connections in a Hyper-Connected World”

Kelly Hoey is obsessed with changing the way we understand and approach networking. She’s the author of Build Your Dream Network: Forging Powerful Connections In A Hyper-Connected World, a modern, practical guide to the necessary (and frequently dreaded) task of networking.  Kelly spreads her networking gospel in her keynote talks and on the Build Your Dream Network podcast.

Kelly has worked with top companies, brands, and conferences. She’s appeared on CNBC’s Power Pitch, co-created and moderated the “Meet The Innovators” speaker series at Apple, and contributed to publications such as The New York Times,, Fast Company, and Inc. Kelly’s insights have been featured in Real Simple, Working Mother, Good Morning America, AARP,, Brit & Co, The Muse, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, CBC Radio,, The Ladders, Parade, Business Insider and many more, as an authority on networking.

A former attorney and active participant in New York’s startup community, Kelly has been lauded from Forbes (“1 of 5 Women Changing the World of VC/Entrepreneurship”) to Fast Company (“1 of the 25 Smartest Women On Twitter”) to Business Insider (“1 of the 100 Most Influential Tech Women On Twitter”) and Inc. (“1 of the 10 Most Well-Connected People in New York City’s Startup Scene”). EBW 2020 included her on their list of the “100 Most Influential Global Leaders Empowering Women Worldwide”.

“You are your own investment. Sometimes, you gotta go and take a risk on yourself.” – Kelly Hoey

Discover more about Kelly’s works and passion on her website J Kelly Hoey. You can also follow her on Instagram and LinkedIn.

Let’s meet Kelly Hoey!

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