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Macy Matarazzo – The Sophisticated Unicorn – Conscious Tools for Attracting More Love in Your Life – Episode 187

Macy Matarazzo – The Sophisticated Unicorn – Conscious Tools for Attracting More Love in Your Life – Episode 187

Today on Extraordinary Women Radio, I am happy to introduce you to Macy Matarazzo, a dating and relationship expert who teaches conscious tools for attracting more love in your life!

In this Episode:

  • The importance of relationships and connections, especially during the pandemic.
  • The stigma of online dating and how the pandemic normalized virtual dating.
  • Understand what the unicorn is and how it impacts Macy’s way of helping people and relationships.
  • Macy’s journey of becoming a love coach after she met her husband.
  • Hear why relationships are important in our lives.
  • Learn about Macy’s SuperLOVED system.

Macy Matarazzo is a Dating & Relationship Expert for Singles- helping the highly driven, superstar single woman overcome the fears and frustrations with the modern dating world that hold her back, so she can finally have the love she desires.

Losing 25 years to failed relationships & dateless holiday parties, Macy discovered a smart formula that broke the painful cycle and led her to find true love. Now she’s put it all together in The SuperLOVED System.

Macy also can be seen as the host of Love Vibe TV, and upcoming podcast, The Sophisticated Unicorn – Conscious tools for love. Macy’s articles & strategies on navigating the modern dating world have been featured on, The Westword, and ArtTour International. A key note speaker, Macy has brought her amusing yet pragmatic relationship expertise to Ignite Denver, FOX, NBC, Women in Tech, the IMPROV, along with sharing the worldwide stage with top love leaders, including John Gray, Arielle Ford, and the acclaimed “SARK”.

“How you love your life is your love life.” – Macy Matarazzo

Discover more about Macy’s works and passion on her website Big Happy Love. You can also follow her on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Let’s meet Macy Matarazzo!

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