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Erin Falconer, Cultivating and Setting Boundaries in Modern Friendships, Episode 282

Erin Falconer, Cultivating and Setting Boundaries in Modern Friendships, Episode 282

Today I am happy to have Erin Falconer. She is the author of the book, How To Break-Up with Your Friends: Finding Meaning, Connection and Boundaries in Modern Friendship, which is focused on creating meaningful connections with friends.

One of the things I’ve enjoyed most this past month is girlfriend time. One of my girlfriends hosted a holiday book exchange, I had several 3-hour long lunches with besties, dinners over great meals, and just catch-ups on the phone. All this, along with this interview made me realize how much I have been longing for more girlfriend time. So yes, it’s a declaration I’ve made for 2023.

This interview will encourage you to take a look, cultivate and set boundaries in your relationship with your friends and inspire you to up your friendship game.


In This Episode:

  • Erin talks about how the seeds of her new book about friendship, “How To Break Up With Your Friends?” were planted
  • Her realization when she evaluated her circle of friends
  • Why you need to start really being conscientious about where you’re actively placing your energy
  • The need to have a deep understanding of yourself so you can start any great relationship
  • That you have to be in a diverse group to unlock different parts of yourself
  • The anatomy of great friendship
  • The importance of positivity, engagement, commitment, and purpose in friendship
  • How we show up as a better friend
  • The relevance and importance of cultivating and being in a meaningful relationship


Erin Falconer is an author, a digital entrepreneur, and the editor-in-chief and co-owner of PickTheBrain, one of the most trusted self-improvement communities online. She has a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and was named “one of the top digital entrepreneurs in Los Angeles” by LA Confidential and one of the “Top 7 Women Changing The Digital Landscape for Good” by Refinery29.

“The starting point for any great relationships is having a deep understanding of yourself.” ~Erin Falconer

To learn more about Erin you can visit her website. You can also connect with her on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Let’s meet Erin Falconer

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