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Darla LeDoux, Unlocking Your Inner Magic: Transforming Lives and Shifting Energy Fields, Episode 318

Darla LeDoux, Unlocking Your Inner Magic: Transforming Lives and Shifting Energy Fields, Episode 318

I love the soulful side of the business and today you’re in for a treat as we dive deep into ‘Sourced Magic’ in your business and life with my friend incredible Darla LaDeux. A chemical engineer turned intuitive guide, she is masterful at turning intangible concepts into practical ideas that make a difference. She teaches clients how to alchemize old stuck energy patterns to create quantum leap-type financial results in their businesses and in their clients’ lives. Shift the energy field and transform the experience of life!


In This Episode:

  • Darla shares her incredible evolution from a chemical engineer to a soulful transformation advocate
  • Discover the game-changing impact of truth and vulnerability in your interactions
  • Explore the significance of alignment and intuition in your life’s journey
  • Get introduced to the fascinating concept of “sourced magic” – your unique intuitive abilities
  • Learn how sourced magic empowers you to serve others and align with your true self authentically
  • Embrace the importance of recognizing and nurturing your sourced magic for a resonant life.
  • Gain insights into the transformative potential of authenticity and truth in your personal journey


Darla LeDoux is the author of Shift the Field and founder of Sourced, a premier graduate school for transformational leaders. She supports coaches, consultants, creatives, and healers to offer and deliver deep transformational work with their magical gifts. Darla and her team at Sourced envision a world where transformation is the norm, our inner knowing is our guide, and we trust that life is unfolding perfectly to bring forth our fullest expression.


“When you’re following your magic, you’re shifting the energy field on the planet.” ~Darla LeDoux


To learn more about Darla, you can visit her website. You can also connect with her on FacebookInstagram, and Youtube.

Darla LeDoux’s Show Notes


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