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Katie Brinkley, Balancing Connection: Using Social Media for a Fulfilling Offline Life, Episode 317

Katie Brinkley, Balancing Connection: Using Social Media for a Fulfilling Offline Life, Episode 317

Today I am thrilled to introduce you to one of our Extraordinary Women Ignite speakers, Katie Brinkley. She will be bringing her wisdom to Ignite with her talk, “Post Less on Social Media for More Business.” I don’t know about you, but that kind of lights up my heart!

From building corporate-level growth strategies for AT&T and DirecTV to implementing done-for-you social media for solopreneurs and local businesses, Katie has been at the forefront of the changes in how buyers engage on social media. Katie’s approach is all about results. She’s got these platform-agnostic strategies that work like magic at every step of the sales process for her clients.


In This Episode:

  • Explore Katie’s remarkable journey from diverse career experiences to founding a thriving social media agency. You can discover how she transformed her passion for social media into a flourishing business venture.
  • She shares valuable insights into using social media as a means of connection, all while preserving a fulfilling offline life. You can find practical tips for maximizing your social media impact while minimizing your time investment.
  • The significance of tailoring your social media content to suit various platforms and audience preferences and the strategic selection of the right social media platform for your unique goals, with a focus on cultivating quality engagement over pursuing influencer status
  • Learn how to embrace and experiment with AI tools in the dynamic realm of social media and content creation and how AI can automate and enhance various aspects of your social media strategy
  • Gain a deep understanding of the challenges and effective strategies associated with Facebook advertising and explore the vital role of awareness campaigns and retargeting in engaging potential customers with precision and impact


Katie Brinkley is an expert in leveraging social media for growth. With 19 years of experience, she’s helped businesses build a strategy to attract the right followers and generate consistent leads. Katie’s background in radio journalism and social savvy allow her to bring unique insights and effectively share her clients’ stories through their social media strategy. With her guidance, her clients are able to grow their audience and income in just an hour a week.


“Spend less time in front of your screens and make those connections in real life.” ~Katie Brinkley


To learn more about Katie, you can visit her website. You can also connect with her on FacebookInstagram, and LinkedIn.

Katie Brinkley’s Show Notes


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