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Alison Hall, Empowering Women to Create the Life They Deserve, Episode 319

Alison Hall, Empowering Women to Create the Life They Deserve, Episode 319

Today I’m excited to introduce you to Alison Hall. Alison is the founder of Change Agent Coaching for Women and founder of The Boldest Me, a personal development brand empowering women.

Alison shares real-world advice on how you can move away from making decisions on shoulds and instead move towards embracing a purpose-driven life where passion, skill, and marketability intersect. She shares insights that empower you to move beyond the limiting beliefs and fears in your life so you can elevate your life and business.


In This Episode:

  • Discover Alison’s journey of transitioning from a 25-year corporate career to entrepreneurship that might resonate with your own aspirations and desire for change
  • Gain insights into adapting your venture to your changing interests and skills, aligning it more closely with your passions and goals
  • Discover the importance of listening to your inner wisdom and intuition when making crucial decisions
  • Gain practical strategies for identifying and conquering limiting beliefs and fear-based decisions
  • Learn how to make decisions based on facts rather than being paralyzed by fear


Alison Hall has been an empowering force for women, both in her leadership roles within large corporations, and as an entrepreneur. Her mission as the Change Agent Coach is to help women with significant life experience identify their dream lives, and empower them to be their own Change Agents to bring big ideas to life. She believes that the world is full of limitless possibilities and ways in which we can feel fulfilled; that it is never too late to reinvent and reach for dreams; and that if we only have the one life to live, we’d better get cracking. 


“Every thought in my own head isn’t necessarily sage wisdom, sometimes it’s just a thought that you can let go of.” ~Alison Hall


To learn more about Alison, you can visit her website. You can also connect with her on LinkedIn.

Alison Hall’s Show Notes


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