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Celeste Hartwell – Raising Up Divine Feminine Leaders – Episode 197

Celeste Hartwell – Raising Up Divine Feminine Leaders – Episode 197

Today on Extraordinary Women Radio, I am happy to introduce you to Celeste Hartwell who is raising up Divine Feminine Leaders in our world.

In this Episode:

  • How the deaths of the people close to her heart pushed her to leave the security of her 18-year corporate job and explore the unknown
  • The trauma & previous experiences mirroring the work that Celeste does today: helping women step out of the guilt & shame to experience emotional freedom
  • The gift of feeling the emotions and the beauty of being friends with your body
  • The huge role spirituality plays in every circumstance Celeste is experiencing
  • How the choices you make can open up the spaces of possibilities, growth & expansion
  • The birth of her Divine Feminine Leaders podcast and how it’s caused by the fact that the masculine culture affects the energy of women be in their flow

After an 18-year career in corporate, Celeste Hartwell decided to jump off the ledge of safety and security into the unknown of entrepreneurship where she then fell into listening to others for how to run her business even when those well-intentioned people were guiding her against her internal knowing.

Celeste is now passionate about helping women step into their own brilliance through cultivating a relationship with their intuition so they feel excited and energized about living a life without compromise.

Celeste Hartwell owns a company and hosts a podcast by the title Divine Feminine Leaders where she works with women to step out of overwhelm, guilt, and shame to shine brightly and attract all they desire.

“We are creating in every single moment, and this life is a cocreation with the divine in every single level.” — Celeste Hartwell

Discover more about Celeste Hartwell’s works and passion on her website Healing Ground Movement. You can also follow her on Facebook: Celeste K. Hartwell & Divine Feminine Leaders, Instagram: @celestehartwell & @divinefeminineleaders, and LinkedIn.

Let’s meet Celeste Hartwell!

Celeste Hartwell Show Notes

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