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Afton Brazzoni, B2B Brand and Content Strategist Serving Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies – Episode 247

Afton Brazzoni, B2B Brand and Content Strategist Serving Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies – Episode 247

Today, I am happy to introduce you to Afton Brazzoni, Founder of Scribe National and B2B brand and content strategist. She is not only amazing at content strategy, but she also grew her business from zero to multi-six figures in only two years! I loved talking to Afton and receiving the wisdom she had to share.

In this episode:

  • Afton shares her entrepreneurial journey, from corporate B2B marketer to successful business owner, and how it redefined stability for her
  • Afton tells us her secret ingredients to moving from zero to multi-six figures in only a couple of years
  • The work Afton is proudest of and why it’s important to take the time to pause and celebrate our accomplishments
  • Creating a content strategy that will keep your customers enthralled and what foundational piece you need before you even start the process
  • Tips for developing strong messaging for a brand that resonates with your customers and what they want
  • The importance of consistency in content marketing and Alton’s advice for staying consistent with your content
  • Tricks Afton uses to implement her content strategy with maximum success, including how to set up your content calendar
  • Why storytelling matters, especially when you’re looking to connect with your audience

Afton is the founder of Scribe National. Scribe National works with B2B content marketers to dial up traffic, qualified leads, and sales, helping their clients amplify the voices of subject matter experts, position thought leaders, and give sales teams the backup they need to close deals. They ignite connections between brands and audiences in industries like SaaS, fintech, and hospitality tech, providing B2B content strategy and writing services to over 50 clients in 2+ years — the majority being repeat customers — including unicorns like Wealthsimple and others among Canada’s 50 fastest growing companies like TouchBistro.

“Before building out your content strategy, sit down and identify 5 business goals that your content should be driving towards. Then ask yourself, ‘How is every piece of marketing content I create going to tie back to one of those goals?'” — Afton Brazzoni

To learn more about Afton and her work, check out her website. You can also connect with her on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Let’s meet Afton Brazzoni.

Afton Brazzoni Show Notes

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