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Carey Conley – Create a Rock-Solid, Bigger-Than-Life Vision for Your Life and Business – Episode 248

Carey Conley – Create a Rock-Solid, Bigger-Than-Life Vision for Your Life and Business – Episode 248

Today, I am so excited to introduce you to Carey Conley, the founder and owner of coaching business Infinity Corporation and bestselling author of Keep Looking Up. She has a ton of amazing insight on setting a larger-than-life vision for your life and has developed a visioning method that has helped hundreds of people live their best and biggest lives.

In this episode:

  • Carey’s journey; from building her vision when she found herself not willing to fit the mold to manifesting her dream life to helping other entrepreneurs manifest their dream lives with her visioning method
  • How to build your own rock-solid, bigger-than-life vision
  • Tools to help you live with intention towards your bigger-than-life vision
  • Carey’s tips for connecting with community more intentionally
  • A fun, visual exercise to help you find the right people for your front row, who will support your growth and help you make your vision come to life
  • How vision has allowed Carey and her daughter to persevere through devastating tragedy in her life and the ways they have used their experiences to serve others
  • Why faith has been crucial in Carey’s journey and how it has allowed her to be easier on herself while staying on track toward her ultimate vision
  • Building a legacy by including others in your vision
  • Carey shares what has attributed to her success in business, including how to recognize when it’s time to uplevel your circle

Carey Conley was born and raised in Denver, CO. She now splits her time between Arizona and Oklahoma to spend time with her daughter, Laurel (27), and grandson, Pryce (1). Carey’s experience of growing successful sales and marketing businesses for 20 years while raising her kids is an achievement on its own.

She now owns her coaching practice, Infinity Corporation, for over ten years and has helped hundreds around the country and the world gain momentous success. She also co-authored a bestselling book called “Keep Looking Up” in 2019. Carey Conley’s personal story is full of extraordinary success and devastating tragedy. She lost her husband and son to suicide 3 years apart and was able to be strong for her daughter and to live her purpose, which became her driving force. Those are the experiences that bring power to her message and help others achieve what they never thought was possible.

Carey found her passion and ability to help men and women create, develop, and execute a rock-solid, bigger-than-life vision that propels them to succeed in all areas of life, including self-love, financial prosperity, a healthy lifestyle, caring relationships, a strong family, supreme confidence, and spiritual connection. Carey Conley now travels the world and the country to Virtual and Live events helping men and women professionally and personally build their self-empowering skills by using her vision methodology. She shows them how to shed past pain, fear, and hardship in order to manifest a beautiful life that’s within reach.

If you don’t have a vision that you want like air to breathe, the walls that you face and the personal growth you have to go through will stop you. You’ve gotta have that vision of something that you’re willing to make those efforts for.” — Carey Conley

To learn more about Carey and her work, check out her website. You can also buy her book, Keep Looking Up: Transforming Grief Into Hope After Tragedy and connect with her on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Let’s meet Carey Conley.

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