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Connection, Collaboration and Women Leading Change

Connection, Collaboration and Women Leading Change

This morning, I heard this quote, “say yes to the something in you, that desires to be expressed…”  I smiled when I heard this quote, because I feel like I AM living my own expression. My personal mantra has been to go where the energy flows this year – to say yes to what feels light and expressive. To say no to what feels heavy and constricting.

When you consider “what is the something in you, that desires to be expressed,” what comes up?

For me, I’ve gotten so clear that I want to focus my energies on helping women define their purpose and share their voice with the world. I want to collaborate, create community and be in community with others doing the same. I want to uplift, empower and give voice to the voices that matter in our world.

As I reflect back on this past week, I am so thankful for all of the voice and community and collaboration that I’ve gotten to be a part of. Not only do I get to work with some really amazing women as clients doing extraordinary things; as a board member of the Women’s Foundation of Colorado, I had nearly front-row seats to see Former First Lady Michelle Obama in a heartful and intimate conversation with our CEO Lauren Casteel.

Never before have I been so proud to be part of an organization, as I was this past week. 8,300 people came together with a shared vision for “a world that cares about its women.” This wasn’t a political conversation. It was about uplifting and empowering women. A few of my favorite quotes from Mrs. Obama were:

•           “I am a strong woman because of other strong women.”

•           “Tell her (the young girls in our lives) that she is smart and capable. Lift her up.”

These two statement rang through to the core of my soul. I am thankful for my mom, my grandma, my aunts, my sister and my nieces. I love the strength that is entrenched in my being because of how we have evolved, stood and grown together.

The bottomline is that when women succeed, and are strong, and are empowered – families are strong. Communities are strong. There is strength in uplifting one another.

It’s about change making. It’s about standing up for what I believe in.  This comes about because I’m intentional. Because I spend time getting clear about what it is that I want and how I want to make a difference.  And comes about, because I have built connections and community that allows me to contribute at this level.

But more importantly, I believe it comes because there is an energy calling to so many of us to stand up and be heard. To act. To lead. Together we can.


Much love,



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