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Circle of Sisters, a Poem

Circle of Sisters, a Poem

Circle of Sisters

By Kami Guildner

Welcome to our circle Sister,

For in humanity we have a role.

Our threads of lives have woven to connect our kindred souls.


Our paths have crossed in perfect timing.

Around us the stars aligning.

Our gifts together mingle,

In harmony, abundance – can you feel the energetic tingle?


A movement amongst us – a revolution.

Dare I say, together, we bring a resolution.

The beating of our hearts in rhythm,

In intention, trust and vision.


Our earth is in need of healing,

For all around us is a reeling.

The hate, the war, the blunder,

It is this that will bring us sunder.


Sisters of the wise earth,

Let’s shift the intentions of our world.

And let love, truth, hope unfurl.

Uplift our spirits’ freedom – a dance, a twist, a swirl.


Wash frothy waves across our souls,

Rays of sun upon us – our authentic virtues extolled.

In connection and synchronicity,

There is oh so much for us to BE.


Take the soil into your hands,

And engage the healing of our lands.

Lay down in the grasses and leaves,

Tune into the rhythm as you breathe.


Amongst nature, the trees, the horses, the birds,

The wisdom of the animals requires no words.

Sit in wonder, quiet and peace,

Embody the powerful release.


Sister, tune into our conscious flow,

Our interwoven energies aglow.

In our growing numbers we share a calling,

To step up and lead as a new world is dawning.


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