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Embrace Your Spirit Dreamer

Embrace Your Spirit Dreamer

I sit cross-legged on my couch – my coaching partner, Kellen – a 12 pound yorkie – curled snuggly into a circle at my hip, soft music playing, a candle lit in celebration.  In the chair next to me sits a beautiful soul digging deep into her story.  Uncovering why that particular story stands out and what about it is meaningful in her world.  What it means to her on the journey she’s on today.

This is how I spend my days!  I’m blessed to get to know my clients at a level that even some of their closest friends don’t.  We play in the world of awareness.  Awareness of their deepest thoughts and emotions.  Awareness of the messages that come from their body.  Awareness of their own spirituality.

Our conversations are led from the heart.  Honest, raw and unedited.  What unfolds for me is a complex understanding of how intricately their pulsating threads of life weave together – in color and beauty.  The pulsating threads alive in passions and values, strengths and dreams.

What unfolds for them is a new understanding of their life exploration.  An adventure is born – paths become trails – and trails reach new heights.  They discover joys in life that they never knew existed.  Dreams dawn the horizon and blossom into full daylight.

For this is what happens when we take time to look into our inner soul and engage our spirit dreamer.

The Pony Pondering© Daily Inspiration deck of cards has a card titled, “Embrace Your Spirit Dreamer.”

“The aqua glow of spirit pony shines amidst the deep forest bathed in golden light. She brings a reminder to look deep inside and honor your inner spirit.

Seek out conversations with your essence, not your circumstances. What are your dreams? What does your heart tell you? Life choices are yours alone, and your essence knows what to do. Soften your body. Soften your heart and receive the knowing gifts that come forth.

For it is your right to please yourself. It is your right to be happy and take charge. Embrace your very core, and your lovable heart and spirit will create their own inner glow that radiates unto the world. This is your life to live. Live it. Breathe it. Wear it. Most importantly, own it.”

So often, we get caught up in the stories of our circumstances.  We tell the circumstantial story over and over and it invites more of the same.  In the 60,000 thoughts we think on any given day, 95% of them end up being the same ones that we thought yesterday.  Circles of circumstances continue playing in our minds, our stories and our lives.

Seeking the conversations with our essence – our inner guide – changes the conversations and changes the circumstances.  By shifting what we focus on, we breathe life into the new possibilities deemed important by our inner soul.  It helps us uncover why we are here on this earth and what gifts we are to share with others.

It takes work and persistency to engage these deep inner thoughts and explore what they mean!  If you are hearing a calling to invite your spirit dreamer to play, do it!  Dance along the edge of what moves you and explore the underpinning why.  Listen and become aware of synchronicities that show up in your life, and then act on those callings.  It’s all there for you to discover.

I invite you to awaken your inner spirit with a complimentary Syzygy consultation.  Call me, email me or sign up online at  We have a colorful, beautiful mix of delicious ways to help guide you on your unique journey, from my life and transition coaching programs, to a “You Version 2.0” group coaching circle starting February 21st to a full series of Equine Vision Journey Retreats scheduled this summer!  Let’s play!

*Pony Ponderings is a deck of 50 beautifully illustrated daily inspiration cards bringing positive, thought-provoking guidance to your soul path. Inspired by the heart and wisdom of horse, the messages provide a pathway to your deepest inner knowledge, playfully engaging your mind, body, emotions and spirit. Written by Kami Guildner and beautifully illustrated by Diana Lancaster of Lancaster Arts these cards will breathe new meaning into your life and inspire your deepest aspirations! Order your deck of inspiration on the Syzygy web site.  Pony Ponderings is a copyright of Syzygy L L C.

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