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A New Paradigm of Entrepreneurship

A New Paradigm of Entrepreneurship

The new paradigm of entrepreneurship was already in work long before the pandemic brought us to the four corners of our homes. Many of us were already waking up to running our businesses with more soul and more heart-generated emphasis. We were shifting from scarcity-focused marketing practices to more abundant, uplifting marketing messages. We were doing our inner work to align with our purpose and discovering a calling to create more impact with our message and our voices. 

I currently have several clients who are going through a lot of change. I’ve got clients who have built very successful multi-million dollar companies in the past and they’re reshaping their work to something new. They are being called to do something with the gifts of who they are in a different way. I have clients who have left behind their big corporate jobs and once again they are hearing a calling to leverage their gifts in new ways.

They got to these decisions to change things up after doing their own inner work. The shift is generated with inner knowing that they are meant to make a difference in a more meaningful way. They know that their impact can be different. And in this shift to a new paradigm, they are also choosing life first, with deep contemplation on how they want to live their life.

Sometimes this means reshaping a business, leaving it behind, or letting go of parts of a business that no longer fit. It means finding ways to scale by simplifying so that they can make wiser decisions in their businesses to move from beneath the heaviness that they once felt. They have heard the calling and they’re committed to doing business differently uncovering the next evolution and the vision of their business and all they’re being called to deliver into the world.

Here are some of the trends that I see in this new paradigm of entrepreneurship:

  • Building your businesses from the inside out

We listen inside first, we align with the essence of who we are, and we make decisions for our businesses with our gut and our inner knowing. By listening to your soul wisdom, you can have choices, simplification, new strategies, and then laser focus to bring the best of your business in light to life.

Just a few years back, it was all the rage to have multiple streams of revenue. Now, women are letting go of those extra streams and getting laser-focused on a single client journey with a very simplified scope of products and marketing to serve clients in bigger and better ways.

  • Collaboration Over Competition

When you are building your brand from the inside out – that brand that only you can own – you are creating a market space that is You-Nique, as well. Build a brand and marketing approach that attracts only your ideal clients. Collaborate with the people who you might have considered competition. When you collaborate, you both bring your You-Nique gifts to the table. The energy of collaboration is so much more powerful than competition.

  • Visibility

If the pandemic taught us anything, it taught us that we can be visible from any place in the world without getting on a plane or taking a day or two to get someplace and back.

  • Thought Leadership

Elevating your message in the world requires a carefully thought-out message strategy built from the inside out that ranges from speaking your customer’s love language to your unique thought leadership. We can’t outsource our leadership of thought. This is yours to own. This comes from doing the deep work of understanding your customer’s journey and connecting. to our individual leadership desires. What is it that you want people to think and act and do differently?

  • Saying No

There’s a simplification in saying no to all the networking events, saying no to clients who are not a fit for us, and saying no to the opportunities that really aren’t part of your mix. No can be our friend. And as I reflect back on the no’s that I’ve said even in this past year, I see an equal balance of white space opening up on my calendar. white space to do other things that make a bigger difference in my business and my life.

  • Self-care

One of the most important of all is the strategy of self-care. Did I just connect strategy and self-care? Yes, working harder is not the answer. Building the foundation of our business and working smarter is important. Prioritizing self-care is equally important. I can think back to even a few years ago when I easily let self-care be the first thing to go. That’s no longer true. I prioritize myself first so that I can show up as the best me serving my clients. Self-care is a newly learned skill set for all women. I see a heightened awareness that we can’t be at our best if we are in our state of overdrive. We are choosing healthy foods. We are choosing movement. We are choosing self-care. We are choosing our spirit.

Women’s wisdom is the medicine our earth needs.

Women’s wisdom is leading the change. I believe we are being called to lead the change, to change up our lives, to change how we are doing business. We have the innate ability to do business differently, to build businesses with more time prosperity and wealth prosperity. We are raising up our vision, our voices, and our visibility to create a ripple effect of impact on the world. one soul business at a time. 

My mastermind programs teach business in this new paradigm. We do it with soul and strategy, bringing soulful inspiration into mindful business strategies. If you are being kind of like we are, let’s have a conversation to see if my soul and strategy mastermind is a fit for you.


With love,

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