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Love Love Letter from the Soul #4 – Connect to your Gifts

Love Love Letter from the Soul #4 – Connect to your Gifts

Today as I awoke to a calendar filled from morning through night, and a list of to-do’s that needs to fit in between the spaces, I pause. In meditation, my mind and body softens and the words float into my mind… connect to your gifts.

A sense of calmness comes. Yes. I am simply to be in each moment of this day, connecting to how my gifts matter in the moment. Show up as me – all in. No more and no less.

Such a simple way to approach this day, and I invite you to join me.

In business: Take a look at your day. What are the most important places where your gifts will matter most? How will your gifts make a difference in those spaces? How will someone be impacted? What do you need to connect to your gifts in that moment? Let your gifts really make a difference today.

In life: You can apply some of the same questions that I posed above “in business” to your life today. A few more to add in (which can also apply to both your life or your business): Which things can slip until tomorrow? What needs most focus today – your business your life? The answer to this question can change and will change from day-to-day. Approach this question with grace for yourself, and again, simply show up as you – all of you – in that moment.

I am reminded of the importance of our morning pause, as I pen the final words of this message. How calm I feel. How laser focused. How excited for the lives I can touch today. Thank you for the lovely messages I’ve been receiving back this week on Love Letters from the Soul. Your messages confirm how much I love taking time to write in the morning and that my words… my gifts… matter also.

May others be blessed in your gifts today,

Much love,

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