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Kami Guildner Year-End Reflection, interviewed by Sarah J. Bohnenkamp – Episode 135

Kami Guildner Year-End Reflection, interviewed by Sarah J. Bohnenkamp – Episode 135

On today’s Extraordinary Women Radio, join me, Kami Guildner interviewed by my BFF Sarah J. Bohnenkamp, as we reflect on this past year, on the journey before us, as women rising and so much more!

In this Episode:

  • Hear out how Kami has transformed in her spirit connection in the last decade
  • The essence of spirituality as women’s inner wisdom and light
  • What defines an extraordinary woman and the feminine shift
  • Kami’s writing, blogging, and inspiration from NYT bestselling author, Gabby Bernstein
  • Learn about the vibration scale, the law of attraction, and the R (resonate) Factor
  • How women should be responding to their calling in a big way
  • Kami’s passion for building communities of equally passionate women
  • Realize the importance of respect for children’s individuality
  • Kami being one of the Top 25 most influential and most powerful women in business by the Colorado Women Chamber of Commerce
  • The top 3 most important things women ought to be doing in 2020
  • How to overcome your fear of the unknown and going big

“For each one of us, we have this fire inside that just needs to come out.” – Kami Guildner

You may connect with Kami through her Facebook page and LinkedIn account. You may also follow her on Twitter.

Let’s meet Kami Guildner of Extraordinary Women Radio!

Kami Guildner Show Notes

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