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Kristen Blessman: CEO and President of the Colorado Women’s Chamber – Episode 134

Kristen Blessman: CEO and President of the Colorado Women’s Chamber – Episode 134

Today on Extraordinary Women Radio, I’m excited to bring you the very extraordinary Kristen Blessman: CEO and President of the Colorado Women’s Chamber.

In this episode:

  • Find out how Kristen’s career path has always been about effecting change
  • The change and growth that Kristen is working on at the Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce
  • How Kristen took the challenge of being CEO and President of the Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce
  • Discover how to turn your vulnerability into a strength
  • How Kristen’s upbringing shaped her as a leader
  • How to let go, brave up, and change your life for the better
  • Learn how vulnerability is not a sign of weakness in leadership
  • The future for women at the Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce

Kristen has over 20 years of leadership experience, including strategic marketing, business development and executive management; working with both non-profit, for-profit as well as small business ownership experience.  She is a change-agent leader with a focus on revenue development through the areas of innovation, strategic planning, start-up social enterprise, rebranding, and award-winning marketing and advertising campaigns.

As CEO of the CWCC, Blessman is responsible for executing the organization’s mission of advancing women in business.  Blessman was hired in 2017 to bring value to membership through innovation, brand awareness and long-term vision.  Through the creation of a new leadership program, mentoring program and unique peer group programming, Blessman has overhauled programming and curriculum at the CWCC and brought a new value proposition to CWCC members and the community.  Additionally, Blessman is recreating the CWCC brand through new educational and inspiring events, enhanced digital and traditional media as well as extensive community outreach programs to create awareness and advocacy for women in the workplace.  To date, Blessman’s efforts have created a unique space for the CWCC in the community as well as increased interest and membership in the organization.

Prior to the CWCC, Blessman was the Chief Marketing Officer for Goodwill Industries of Denver.  Having been drawn to the organization’s triple-bottom line business approach of people, profit and planet, she was responsible for the rebranding of Goodwill’s image in 2009 and started Goodwill’s first customer loyalty program, Club Blue in 2012.  Blessman was appointed as innovation and business development officer in 2013, launching several new social enterprise businesses as well as doubling the organization’s fundraising revenues.  Under her leadership, Goodwill opened more than 40 new retail locations and grew from $30 million in revenues to over $70 million.

Ms. Blessman has received several awards for her marketing, advertising and public relations campaigns, including the 2009 Public Relations Society of America’s Gold Pick Award.  Kristen has served on multiple committees and boards of directors, including The American Marketing Association,  The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, The Denver Press Club, The Women’s Leadership Foundation, and Arapahoe House.  She also volunteers for Goodwill Industries of Denver’s youth career programs in several metro Denver high schools and has been a guest lecturer at Metro State, Argosy and Regis University.

“The thing that’s made me the best leader I can be is being absolutely vulnerable with everyone around me.” – Kristen Blessman

Connect with Kristen Blessman on LinkedIn and Facebook. Also, check out the Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce website.

Let’s meet Kristen Blessman of the Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce!

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