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Lisa Cutter – Colorado State Representative – 112

Lisa Cutter – Colorado State Representative – 112

Lisa Cutter - Extraordinary Women RadioToday on Extraordinary Women Radio, I’m honored to bring you Colorado State Representative, Lisa Cutter.

In 2018, a record number of women ran in house and senate races across our nation: A total of 256 women… 197 Democrats and 59 Republican. AND A record number of women won their races, and as we look forward to the 2020 presidential elections – currently, there are six women stepping up to the podium claiming their desire to be president… That makes me excited.

I was honored that my newly elected representative to the Colorado House, Lisa Cutter joined us at my Extraordinary Women Connect gala in May – and I’m thrilled to have her join us today on Extraordinary Women Radio.

“I was in a position to help change the world, and if I didn’t use that, what kind of a role model or what kind of demonstration would I be? For that also was really a driver for me.” – Lisa Cutter

No matter your party affiliation, If you are being called to make a difference in your communities, in your state, our nation, our world – I invite you to tune into this episode!

Lisa shares her story of how the seeds of the idea to run for office came to her… what she did with those ideas, and what she’s learned in her inaugural year in office.

She talks about what we can do as ordinary… or dare I say extraordinary women, to impact change in our society, and also, what we can do if running for office is a seed waiting to be nurtured. I love this interview!

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Let’s meet Colorado Representative Lisa Cutter.

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