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Heidi Ganahl: Founder of the She Factor and Camp Bow Wow, CU Regent, Entrepreneur – 042

Heidi Ganahl: Founder of the She Factor and Camp Bow Wow, CU Regent, Entrepreneur – 042

This week’s Extraordinary Women Radio interview with Heidi Ganahl, the founder of Camp Bow Wow, is so good! Heidi has a passion for keeping the American dream alive and well! That’s because she’s been living it.

And it wasn’t all a simple and easy path to get there. Heidi has faced extraordinary adversity in her life. Beginning with the loss of her husband at the age of 27, to losing a million-dollar insurance settlement, her entrepreneurial spirit helped her pick herself up and build a $100 million brand in the pet and franchise industry – Camp Bow Wow.

In fact she’s well known for her Ted Talk called the Art of the Comeback, where she shares this powerful comeback story.

Today she shares this journey she took and the lessons she learned along the way. In fact one of the things that struck me in this interview – was the most timely wisdom I’d heard all week – if not all year!

“Be the best you can be at what you’re doing at the time, and forgive yourself for not being the best at everything all the time. You’ve got to let go of that.”

The next day I wrote about this wisdom in my blog “Yesterday I broke.”  Such timely words for me on that day.

Camp Bow Wow was named to the Inc 500/5000 fastest growing company list five years in a row. Heidi has been named one of Fortune Magazine’s 10 Most Promising Entrepreneurs and Parade magazine called her one of the top women entrepreneurs in the country.

And she’s not done yet! She’s about ready to launch her next entrepreneurial venture the She Factor – which is all about women and dreams! Heidi shares more about this in the interview!

This interview is filled with so many great bits of wisdom, including:

  • To comeback giveback
  • On Passion: If you don’t absolutely love what you’re doing and jump out of bed every morning to get to work, it’s not worth doing. This is the difference of being a huge success and just getting by. But… you can’t just be passionate about something – you have to solve a problem.
  • Stop apologizing for capitalism and free markets and embrace it. Fall back in love with what makes America an incredibly cool place.
  • We’re going to fail – brush it off.
  • In the world of fake news, the only one you can trust is yourself and your intuition (she jokes).

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Let’s meet Heidi Ganahl the founder of the She Factor and Camp Bow Wow.

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