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Danielle Fitzpatrick Clark: Authentic Marketing Master and Best Selling Author – 032

Danielle Fitzpatrick Clark: Authentic Marketing Master and Best Selling Author – 032

Danielle Fitzpatrick Clark, is the best selling author of the book Fake Free: 7 Easy Steps to Become More Authentic with Your Marketing. She runs a masterclass series called Light at the End of the Funnel, where she featured 20 marketing experts on creating authentic marketing, including yours truly.

Danielle and I share this belief that the pathway to entrepreneurial success is an inside-out job – that there aren’t magic formulas or 10-step processes, but rather it starts from doing our deep inner work first, listening to our inner wisdom and guidance – and then stepping out with big bold steps. Success comes when you are aligned to who you are and the purpose you’re meant to deliver into the world.

When my audio production editor sent me this episode of Extraordinary Women Radio back to me today, she made the statement, “You and Danielle go together like wama lama lama!” I had to laugh and share this, because I agree – we have the same passion for creating real marketing… not more noise. We have fun together – and I think you’ll have fun listening!

This is an important episode for anyone creating content and marketing. You’ll gain real world tips on how to listen within to create the external impact on the world that you desire!

On this episode, we talk about:

  • How Danielle’s had to let go of her own people pleasing mindset to step into the expansiveness of her own marketing, aligned to who she is – which lit up the growth of her business
  • Her story of taking the leap from being a digital marketing implementer to becoming a leading coach in the world of dream client attraction, enabling her to help more people and create a bigger ripple effect in the world, and what drove her to make a change.
  • How to overcome the internal chatter that prevents you from stepping out and showing up bigger in the world.
  • Authentic marketing can provide a sense of simplicity in a very complex world.

Danielle is a dream client attraction specialist and digital marketer. With 8 years of entrepreneurial experience, and having worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs and small businesses, she is helping people to show up and blow up online. Strives to simplify the online marketing world and sprinkles in fun and creativity. Driven by a purpose to make a difference and to create a ripple effect in the world, she helps people show up authentically and on purpose in their business.

“Even when I think I’m going big, I can still go bigger.” – Danielle Fitzpatrick Clark

Bonus timing on this episode! Danielle’s running a complimentary rerun of her Light at the End of the Funnel Masterclass next week – December 5-7!  This series is specifically designed to support you in working through your blocks, develop a winning mindset, clarifying or re-clarifying your unique vision of your online business, learn tactics to take action in your business, and ways to build your business using new tactics and strategies. Sign up here. To learn more about Danielle, visit her website or follow her on Facebook  or Twitter.


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