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Cindy Powers Prosor: Speaker, Author & Intuitive Heart Mentor on Creating Balance in a New Paradigm – 033

Cindy Powers Prosor: Speaker, Author & Intuitive Heart Mentor on Creating Balance in a New Paradigm – 033

Cindy Powers Prosor believes that there is an important transition happening in the world right now. Amidst all the noise and discourse, there is also a rising up that is timely and needed in our global societies.

A rising of more conscious beings. A rising of a more gentle, softer side of humanity. A rising of more awareness in how we show up and connect in the world. And yes, if you’ve been listening to me for any length of time, a bit of Yin Rising.

I’m super excited to host Cindy Powers Prosor – a dear friend of mine from New Zealand – who is a wise woman making huge ripples of impact around the world. Cindy’s work is revolutionary. In fact, she is often referred to as a “Soul Midwife,”… Cindy is here to help usher out our “dying world” while educating and celebrating the awakening of a “new world.”

Cindy is a speaker, an author and intuitive. As a mentor and founder of Opening Doors Within, she helps clients around the world drop out of their heads and into their hearts -transforming fear, doubt and struggle into confidence, trust and love.

We talk about this and so much more in today’s Extraordinary Women Radio interview! Cindy and I are so aligned in our work, our passions and our beliefs.

Cindy shares how we can nurture our intuitive wisdom, and why it’s so important right now. She talks about the our changing world, and how there is a new paradigm being born: one where masculine and feminine energies find new equilibrium of balance. We’ve been a paradigm of domination – of hard straight lines and driving ways of doing things, but we’re moving into a new paradigm of more collaboration, synergy, exposing the best of ourselves, and thus, creating a better world. That excites me!

You’re going to love Cindy’s youthful energy and positive enthusiasm. Let’s meet my dear friend, Cindy Powers Prosor of Opening Doors Within. To learn more about Cindy, visit her website or follow her on Facebook or Twitter.

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