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Karolyn Hart: C-Level Tech Exec on Breaking Glass Ceilings – 018

Karolyn Hart: C-Level Tech Exec on Breaking Glass Ceilings – 018

This week’s Extraordinary Women Radio interview is with Karolyn Hart, a Canadian exec who has broke through multiple glass ceilings. I love Karolyn’s spicy energy and her rich life insights. And you will too. She’s a dynamo woman who shares her journey and shares how approaching life with curiosity and being open to the magic of asking a questions – will build relationships that open doors.

We dig into her stories of:

  • Being the only woman in the room and acknowledging that the glass ceiling is real – and what choices she had to make for her own career
  • Her all important mentor who taught her that extraordinary leadership means modeling our own lives well – taking time in life for what is important and treating others with respect
  • The importance of seeking criticism on your work and understanding that criticism is not about YOU
  • Having the courage to say yes to the new, even if you don’t know much about it
  • Bias – ageism, gender or any number of other biases that exist in our journeys – and how she managed it by believing that people are good and being open to the heartfelt conversations that can unfold if you give people the opportunity to dialog.

One of the things I really love about this interview is Karolyn’s passion around the importance of questions. Did you know that young children ask 300 questions a day  – that moms field 100,000 questions in a year… but by the time the child reaches middle school, the question asking is almost extinct? Karolyn shares why she instills the importance of question asking into her company’s culture. She takes us through a quick exercise on this episode to help you open your question asking powers!

Karolyn is the COO at inspireHub Technologies, where Karolyn oversees marketing, communications, sales, licensing and operations  and the development of the inspireHub technology platform.  I love Karolyn’s stories, the lessons she’s learned along the way, and how it impacts the way she leads today! You will be inspired!

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