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Rachel Rider, Executive to Entrepreneur, Episode 291

Rachel Rider, Executive to Entrepreneur, Episode 291

Hello my extraordinary women friends. I hope your week of International Women’s Day festivities was as connected and beautiful as mine was. It was such a beautiful time to celebrate the accomplishments of women entrepreneurs around the globe. I held my Extraordinary Women Connect gala on International Women’s Day where we had an amazing lineup of our circle of inspiration, facilitators and a room full of extraordinary women doing extraordinary things. And so I love when I can go to a conference and walk away with learnings myself as well as sharing some of my insights and some of my teachings that I do. I’m going to be doing monthly events all year long this year! You can check out my website to find out what’s going on.

I love inner work and today, we dive into why Rachel Rider believes that the first relationship any leader must work on is the one they have with themself. When we do the inner work with ourselves, our relationship with our outer world and our other relationships change. The more we do our own inner work, the more we respond from a place of clarity and compassion instead of reactivity. The more we do the inner work, the more we change the world. I am sure you’re going to love Rachel’s story as an entrepreneur and her wisdom.


In This Episode:

  • Rachel shares how she cultivated a serious meditation practice from a young age
  • How our essence as a woman evolves in a different form and deeper way
  • The time she took the leap from being an executive to becoming an entrepreneur
  • The reasons why she’s been a seeker
  • How she discovered somatic experiencing and the changes she experienced
  • The three components she brings in her coaching and the shifts they bring to the corporate world
  • She talks about the unhelpful cultural norms in the corporate world
  • How inner work attributed to some of the success steps that she’s taken as an entrepreneur
  • She talks about her book and how she’s working on her comfort with visibility


Rachel Rider founded MettaWorks in 2015 after a distinguished career in HR, receiving executive coaching certification from Columbia University, and extensive training in meditation, Somatic Experiencing, and Polarity Therapy with the aim of bringing leaders tools to unlock effective, long-lasting change in concert with the body. She is the author of Who You Are Is How You Lead.

“How you show up is how you’re leading.” ~Rachel Rider


To learn more about Rachel, you can visit her website. You can also connect with her on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn.

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