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Christina Gordon, Creating and Funding Economically Empowering Programming for Greater Boston Women and Girls, Episode 292

Christina Gordon, Creating and Funding Economically Empowering Programming for Greater Boston Women and Girls, Episode 292

I am a big fan of the work of the Women’s Foundation across our nation. I have sat on the trustee board and served the Colorado Women’s Foundation for over a decade. And while I am an honorary trustee now and no longer an active board member, I believe in its mission and vision more than ever. A future where Colorado women and girls of every background and identity prosper.
Some of the proudest professional moments of my life are sparked by my engagement with the Women’s Foundation of Colorado. The work the organization is making from philanthropic giving, meaningful research and essential advocacy work, to creating systematic changes in our state is near and dear to my heart.

As we wrap up this Women’s History Month, I’m excited to introduce you to Christina Gordon, a co-founder and CEO of the Women’s Foundation of Boston. When Christina reached out to me for an interview, I was an instant yes! She had come across research that had indicated that only 1.9% of all charitable giving in the US is directed toward nonprofits that serve women and girls and that investing in women is high-impact investing. The data shows that investing in women has a multiplier effect. Women reinvest 90% of their incomes in their families and their communities, creating positive economic returns across generations and throughout communities.


In This Episode:

  • Christina talks about how they started the Women’s Foundation of Boston
  • The massive underinvestment in women and girls domestically
  • How they impacted thousands of Greater Boston women and girls
  • Their mission on creating and funding economically empowering programming for Greater Boston women and girls
  • She enumerated how they support women and girls
  • Their focus of funding on programming that will really yield high salaries 
  • She shares one of the stories from an organization they funded that stands out for her
  • Why investing in women has lifted up entire communities


Christina Gordon is a former assistant fund manager and technology industry equity analyst. Seeing a huge opportunity to make a difference in her community, she and her team joined together to start the Women’s Foundation of Boston. She is a trustee of a private foundation, a member of Women Moving Millions and currently sits on the board of Rosie’s Place, a sanctuary for poor and homeless women in Boston.

“Investing in women really is one of the strongest indicators for a successful economy.” ~Christina Gordon


To learn more about Christina, you can visit her website. You can also connect with her on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn.

Let’s meet Christina Gordon

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